No Mess Easter Grass

So, I was talking to my friend Amy week about what she was putting in her kiddo’s Easters baskets. She says this and that and a whiz-bang-whatsit…and then she drops a bomb: No Easter Grass.

Amy runs a no Easter grass household. Amy is a neatknick. Nobody gets to wear shoes in her house and her get kids get grassless baskets. She’s practically Joseph Stalin. Did you hear me? NO GRASS.

So I says, I says, Why?

She says, It’s messy.

I says, But it’s Easter. How is the bunny going to roost in the basket with no grass?

She says, Bunnies don’t roost. Besides, I don’t give them bunnies. Too much chocolate. The kids get a few small toys and some snack bags with crackers and fruit chews.

Then I drifted off in a daydream about stealing Amy’s kids and giving them cake and kittens and seeing PG13 movies without parental guidance. Amy was not amused. So then I told her how to make Easter grass at home without the mess;

Just fold it up a bunch of times and leave the middle inch open, then slice a bunch of fringes and stuff. The middle seam will keep it together so you just plop it in the basket.

Say what?

Oh, errrr, here, I’ll just take pictures and write a blog post about it.

See, by leaving the middle seam in tact, all the grassy string bits will stay connected. No mess. Just one big octopus plop of tissue paper. Or newspaper. Or old wrapping paper. Or whatever. It will all stay together nice and neat. Your cat won’t get a chance to eat it. Your kids won’t get it caught in their hair. Your Easter bunny will have a nice and kooshy place to setup while waiting for the celebrations Easter morning.

And Amy, that bunny is totally roosting.



  1. Leo says

    I’m afraid that Amy’s kids will be very healthy and very unhappy.

  2. says

    So, you are friends with Gwyneth Paltrow? what does she do for Halloween? No bobbing for apples? I did have a No Playdough rule because we lived in a NYC apartment. We also had an informal rule among the mothers of ‘no oily stickers’, after one kid ruined all his bedding. But you have to let a kid be a kid! Who wants their kid to be the odd one out? How can Easter be special if you are just getting penguin cheezeits from Walgreens and some average fruit leather stuff? (fruit leather and its sticky cousins are about the worst thing for teeth). You should re-evaluate your friendship. What exactly do you have in common?

  3. says

    Dude, you guys are beating up on Amy. Pretty sure she’s a badass if she’s hanging out with Aunt P. Live and let live, is what I say. Smart idea on the grass too, I don’t dig messes either.

    • says

      Quite Right. Amy is an awesome mom and her kidletts are fabulous and well adjusted. They are very familiar with chocolate and messes, she just keeps them restricted to *outside* the house. Not having kids, I am not one to say, but I suspect that’s probably a good approach to create balance in the first place.

  4. says

    I’d guess that most children (and cats) will rip it apart and make a mess. 🙂 I like the idea, though, it’s easy to make and looks nice!
    (Oh, and I know a lot of parents who don’t give chocolate to their children for holidays because they know that all other family members will give them chocolate. None of my friends is Gwyneth Paltrowish.)

  5. says

    This is BRILLIANT!!! Thanks Aunt Peaches!
    BTW, bummer on the snack bags and fruit snacks. Seriously? I don’t overload my daughter with chocolate but a hollow bunny and a couple of small eggs aren’t going to shake the world or cause your kids to be instantly overweight and unhealthy. Everything in moderation.

  6. says

    oh! i do this with newspaper and was just gonna post about it! co-inky-dink! love me some easter pretty!

  7. Jennifer O'Neil says

    Whatever AP thinks is good, I am totally on board with (HA! I ended with a preposition, ’cause I’m rad that way). Love the grass idea. There are many more ways to make a messy, happy house. This I know to be truth. 😀

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