Kiddo Art as a Thanksgiving Garland

Last year I made this feather garland for Thanksgiving, the idea being that I could add a few more feathers each year. This year I did just that, but instead of painting some fancy paper myself, I used drawings from a couple of my favorite kiddos.

I also busted off the garland and hung all over the chandelier.  Nifty huh?

Gettin’ festive up in here!

No elaborate directions here, I just cut out simple feathers shapes and fringed the edges (If you need a feather template, this looks like a good one.) Last year I sewed the garland together, this year I used those cheapo wire ornaments hangers and pierced it through one long piece of cotton twine. Pretty easy.

So this is what it looked like last year. It doubled in size. Question is now, what am I going to add next year?


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    okay. i didn’t get to these last year. my sister did (we both heart you… so does our mom) …anyway,
    my sister made more last week, and i know what i am doing wednesday when i watch top chef. so
    pretty and festive. i love it.

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      Say hey to your sis and mom!
      My feathers were cut out while watching Shas of Sunset. I think they lend themselves to Bravo brand reality TV.

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    I am amazed at how all the colors in your home are all the same amount of color saturation: bold but not quite fully saturated. Like your table is green but not quite GREEN, and the painting is orange but not quote ORANGE. How you do dat?

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      Yeah, it is a bit weird isn’t it? I started reading up on color theory earlier this year so I’m a bit more invested in color combinations. This summer I reallllllly got into jewel-tones pared with granny pastels (tomato red and ice blue; moss green and carnation pink; magenta purple and powder gray…) I think each makes the other look more interesting by comparison. That’s my theory, anyway. Now I’m into pattern/texture mixing….stripes and florals; dots and velvet. Your post on plaid/tartan got me thinking about plaid. What pairs well with plaid? What can make plaid look even MORE PLAID? Metallic maybe? Burlap? It’s a tricky one!

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      It’s true. Plaid almost reads like a texture more than a pattern, I think. I am using metallic, burlap, and yarn (yarn is a texture, right?), but those are all pretty basic. Maybe a large scale floral and plaid?

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    What a lovely update to an already lovely garland! I posted about the original feathers last week but I’ll be sharing this newest turn as well. It’s such an excellent way to use some of those piles of art that parents just can’t bring themselves to throw away when there’s no more room on the fridge 🙂

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    this is AWESOME!!!! Never did I think you could top your swedish easter tree! this is very very close! did I already say awesome??? can I say it again???

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    Glitter of course! That’s what I would add. Glittery paper or glitter on the paper!

  6. Anonymous says

    That’s a well-done on the chandelier. Brava!!

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