Christmas on the Move

Glass-balls-on-Chandelier-682A glimpse of my living room just before I left town. As much as I am loving being on vacation, it’s hard to leave home just as it was reaching maximum levels of hot pink wonderland.
Good morning, Washington DC!
Anyway. Greetings from Washington DC! I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop listening to college kids offer each other detailed accounts of how much they slept yesterday. “I woke up at ten and was like no, I can’t, so I slept until three and now it’s five and I’m like whuuuuuuuuut?”

Remember when you could sleep until like whuuuuuut? Yeah, no.  Me neither. Listening to them makes me even more anxious to get the hell out of this coffee shop and see the city!

Yesterday I ticked off another line on my life list by visiting the White House to see the Christmas decorations. It was magnificent. Slightly disappointing because I wanted more info and they don’t do tours anymore, so if you can get in (requires a recommendation from your congressman/woman, or an inside staff connection) you are lucky right there.  Anyway, it was awesome. Follow me over on Instagram to see a little video of what the inside looks like.

I’m off for a little more sightseeing, then we drive up to New Jersey, then a quick run through NYC to wave hello to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and maybe the windows at Barney’s. The Christmas spirit is running full throttle y’all. Merry Merry!



  1. Erik says

    Merry Merry back Peaches! l am in Paris for the holiday…lots of glitter this year…made me think of you! Will try to send you a photo of a Christmas tree I saw that I know you will just love! Have a great trip and a happy holiday! ( Know you will!)

  2. Lauri says

    Sounds fun! Enjoy your holiday!

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