Jingle All the Doorknob


Some time ago I discovered that my cat is a genius and understands how to knock on doors. Let me repeat: KNOCK ON DOORS. There are grownass human teenagers who don’t know how to knock on doors, but my cat, Lola, is doing it without any help or instruction. How on earth that shelter allowed a doo- knocking cat genius like Lola to slip through their fingers I’ll never know, but their loss is my gain! One of these I’ll capture her talents on video, but you’ll have to trust me, it’s a thing of wonder. Also. It’s really cute. She seems to also enjoy playing with the yarn tassel knob bobbles I made a few months back, especially the one with a bell. Last week I was at the dollar store and saw these jingle bell door knob thingies and decided she needed it – instead of knocking on doors, she can jingle them. Good news – I’m pretty confident Lola is going to love to jingle year round. Bad news – the door jungle thing is profoundly ugly. That’s gotta be addressed ASAP.
It’s pretty easy — you just slip a strand of yarn half way up the braid before attaching it to the bracelet. Then knot off and repeat.

tassel-bells-knob-bobbles-682 tasel-bells-682
If you are interested in making one, check out the original knob bobble tutorial first.



  1. Lisa says

    I have a 140 pound dog that knocks on doors. Believe me, that will scare the living crap out of you at night!

    • aunt peaches says

      Haha. I’ll bet!

  2. Shannon says

    Okay I now need to make this for my kittahs. I love this!

  3. Geri Johnson says

    Every body’s knob needs a bobble! Does that sound like my mind is in the gutter? 😀

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