A Royal Weekend (for crafts)

Today is a great day, for not only was the Duchess of Cambridge delivered of a daughter today, the world was delivered of a Lolabelle.
Happy birthday, Lola! Everyone knows, only real princesses are born on May 2nd.

It’s also a great day to do something creative. Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Faux malachite obelisks 2. Cork candles 3. Pasta and pompom necklaces

4. Embroidered purse 5. Guide to dressing up envelopes 6. Paperclip name necklace

7. Rhinestone cuffs. 8. DIY glass slippers  9. Monogram denim purse




  1. Lynn B says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a few days late), PRINCESS LOLA!

  2. says

    A great collection of ideas to begin crafting, and with royalty in mind. 🙂 The embroidered purse looks beautiful!

  3. Dana says

    Happy (belated) Birthday Miss Lola–hope you enjoyed a birthday as fabulous as you!

  4. says

    I’m late with the wishes, Lola, but may it be a wonderful year for you. Happy birthday!

  5. Lisa says

    Are we sure that Lola is not indeed an Empress?

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