Taller is better! More is best!

I’m just crazy about pedestal bowls.  I love anything on a pedestal, really.  Think it comes from working as visual merchandiser in a pretentious department store years ago (read: I’m a former window dresser who never made it to the window). My boss was a loud, rude, flaming gay man, who smelled of rum and shoe polish, and resembled Diana Ross in more ways than I can legally describe in this forum.  Not an hour went by without him screeching across an empty Lancome counter TALLER IS BETTER. MORE IS BEST…and then you would hear something being torn in half, followed by the furious clicking of an industrial staple gun.

Mr. Ross insisted we put all goods on platforms. Everything. I would spend all night setting up a sparkling display table full of elegant china and flatwear, windexing every last piece, measuring every place setting for consistency, worrying is the coffee spoon supposed to lay center to the place mat, or center in proportion to the charger plate? The difference was less than half an inch.

Then come morning Mr. Ross would stop by to inspect, inevitably disapprove, then knock it all down because It isn’t tall enough! These shrimp forks must appear taller! And why aren’t there 12 forks? I don’t care if this is a table for 4, I need 12 shrimp forks! Who the f*ck wants to eat shrimp with only 3 other people? We are selling a party! We are selling a  lifestyle!

Five minutes later, twelve shrimp forks were fanned out on napkin draped over an empty box and looking better than ever.  He was a mean old drag queen, but the man had flair. He could make an empty beer can look special.

In honor of Mr. Diana Ross, and my BFF’s wedding shower, I made matching pedestal candy dishes. Gifts in pairs are considered good luck for weddings, and BFF likes her candy something fierce.  Plus, I figure she can use them to display the shrimp forks.

Taller is better! More is best! 


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    Hey xexpat! I didn’t realize I would be blogging about this when I made it, so I don’t have a full out tutorial for his one…Ill have to do one soone 🙂
    essentially though, it’s just like any decopage project. in short..
    *create a glue mixture (I like 3 parts elmers glue to one part water)
    *brush the glue mix all over your plastic dish, lay on coffee filters, then brush the filter flat with more glue mix. let it dry.
    *repeat process, instead of using filters, use decorative paper (I used an old book).
    *repeat process, this time using smaller sized decorative accents in a simple pattern around the bowl (here I used blue flowers I painted on book pages earlier…you could use anything…circles of colored tissue paper, stickers, victorian clip art, or scraps from other projects).
    *finish with an additional coat of glue mix, or, I like modge podge to ad some gloss.
    Have fun!

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