Friday Flowers: Coffee Filter Daisies and Dahlias

 For someone who spends so much time with flowers, you would think my favorite would be something exotic or interesting. Nope. I like daisies best. Actually, I like anything yellow and happy looking. I’m not picky about the matter. My favoritism extends far outside the flower realm!

Now that we are nearly at the end of the series of coffee filter flowers, I’m hoping to show a different way to assemble your flowers in hopes it will spark some ideas! The running stitch on these is a bit time consuming for me, but my quilting friends seem to think it makes the process much easier. Y’all will have to tell me what you think. The main advantage to assembling this way is, unlike the other previous flowers, this has no stump at the bottom. This means you can hot glue them on to flat surfaces. AND I KNOW Y’ALL LOVE THE CRAP OUT OF HOT GLUE.

For the lantern above, I just hot glued a bunch of dahlias to the surface of an old lantern. It’s really easy. I think adding the second ball at the bottom makes it look a little more like a fixed piece than a party decoration. I wish I had made five of them to hang in a vertical line –wouldn’t that be nifty?!

1. Fold three previously dyed filters and half and cut large rounded petals and a hole in the middle.
2. Spread filters on top of one another so the petals stagger like fish scales.
3. Fold in half again.
4. Using dental floss or button thread, sew  a running stitch along the bottom of the filter.
5. Pull thread to gather. Tie off.
6. Fluff individual petals.


Daisies use the exact same process, just different shaped petals. I like to use two white filters and two yellow, but the ratio is very flexible. These daisies came our nice and floppy, the way I like them, but if you wanted stiffer/sturdier petals, just mix a couple spoonfuls of artist’s gesso into the dye mixture.

Wouldn’t these look lovely glued to the top of a box. You know it’s a bad sign when I start thinking of gifts to suit the wrapping and not the other way around 🙂

Happy weekend!

oops, I nearly forgot!…… WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment last week following last week’s giveaway. Winner of the crimper and 200 steel pix is “it’s me …Twinkie Chan!” which is easily the best screen name ever. Selection was totally random. Congrats Twinkie! I’ll be emailing shortly 🙂


  1. says

    yellow glorious yellow, one of my faves as well! beautiful lantern, Peaches, and I agree that a whole row, or 2 or 3, would be charming-er still.

  2. says

    Okay, you are the best flower maker Ever! Now, will you please make us some blue hydrangeas? If you can figure this out, we will love you forever. Thanks Ann

  3. says

    I just couldn’t help myself. This project was included today in a post I put up displaying floral lanterns and globes. Like I said, these are just beautiful!

  4. Anonymous says

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  5. Deb says

    These look great and seem to be easily made. Gonna give them a try. Thanks.

  6. Melstampz says

    These coffee filter flowers are gorgeous. Love the colours you used!

  7. says

    have you tried glow in the dark paints for these? i want to hang some in my daughter’s room and was wondering if the diluted paint would glow enough to act as a night light if i had 4-5 balls hanging.

  8. says

    these flowers are amaazing & I think that I could make them. Thanks for showing them.


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