Anyone want some handmade valentines?

OK, this is last minute, and it might be a total flop….but what the heck, you only live once!
See, I love sending handmade valentines. It’s sort of my thing. Some people send holiday cards; I send valentines. Folks appreciate a little something special in their mailbox in February, plus, let’s be honest, there’s a lot more time to spend on special touches this time of year than in the hustle of December.

And as much as I love sending them, I love receiving them too. It doesn’t happen a whole lot, but every once in a while someone will paste together some post-its and construction paper and send it my way. Blows my mind. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel. Over the years, I have built up a small circle of people who exchange valentines with me. None of us are sweethearts, we just like making valentines and appreciate the token of kindness.

So, this year, now that I have a blog, I am widening the circle! I’ll bet there are at least a few people who read this blog who would like to join the club. Are you in?

In a nutshell, this is what I propose:
You send three handmade valentines to total strangers = You will receive three handmade valentines from total strangers.

Sound good? Who wants to join in the fun?  I need at least three people to sign up in order for this to work, but I’m aiming for 30 participants. You in? Send me an email with your address: subject “valentine swap”…it’s easy!

Knitty Gritty

Here is what you should expect:
  • You make three handmade* valentines.
  • You send me an email with your address before 5pm CST on Monday Feb 7.
  • You receive an email from me on Tuesday Feb 8 with the addresses of three total strangers.
  • You send one valentine to each address you receive, no later than Feb 10.
  • You receive three valentines sometime around Valentines Day. 
*Handmade is an open term. No one is expected to produce a masterpiece. If you are saying “But I can’t make anything nice!” then you are *exactly* the sort of person who should participate. I want hear from YOU! Construction paper, paint, paste, macaroni, crayons, collage, glitter, pipe cleaners….sky is the limit. Only requirement is that it fit in a standard envelope.

Please Keep in Mind…
  • This exchange is open to anyone, anywhere, any skill level. No one is expected to buy anything except stamps (heads up: people who read this blog are scattered around the world, so we all might need to double up on stamps!)
  • You are welcome to include a note inside your valentines with information about yourself, your blog/website/etsy business etc…but it is not required or expected.
  • This is not an advertising opportunity. This is just a simple way to exchange random acts of kindness and send some love out into the world. No Debbie Downers, please 🙂
  • If you feel weird disclosing your name and address, I assure you I will not compile and use this information for any other purpose besides sending you valentines! If you are concerned, feel free to use just your first name, or an alias. Sometimes I like to use my bellydancer name (shampoo name + the color of your toothbrush). If anyone gets a valentine from someone named Pantene Aqua Sparkle, well, you’ll know it was from me 🙂
So, who’s in?
Send me an email before 5pm Feb 7: and include your address!

***Update: Y’ALL ARE AWESOME! This post has only been up a few hours and I have gotten more than 30 responses. Keep them coming! New goal is to have valentine representation from every major continent. I’m talking about YOU, Australia!


  1. says

    What a fun fun fun fun super sweet fun idea! Your huggy valentine card is so beautiful! I better force myself to say no THIS time because I’m already seriously behind on far too much stuff. But I love this thought, you are the coolest. let us know the results!

  2. says

    Oh my, those chubby little arms crack me up, how adorable… What a great idea, I’m in! I love your wax doily hearts too, they look so lacy and delicate.

  3. Jills says

    Awesome idea. Emailing now!

  4. says

    Meant to post earlier on your ABBA lamps. So creative. If an album cover of a Swedish singing group can spark this, I can’t wait to see what you could do with “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” Stieg Larsson said he based Lisbeth Salander on Pippi Longstocking and what a nonconformist child like Pippi would be like when she grew up. Pigtails anyone?

  5. Kristen says

    Great idea! I’m interested.

  6. says

    Thanks everyone!

    Diana–send me your address when you have a second!

  7. says

    thanks again for putting this together aunt peaches! i was stoked to see my valentines in the mail. 😀

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