Valentine Making Kit

Before we go into this, a couple things… Thing one: If you are related to me and your name is Luke or Abby, stop reading. Thing two: Nearly everything Valentine related you see in this post is currently 40% off at Michael’s. And if it isn’t, there is a coupon for that. What am I […]

Valentine Swap: It’s On!

Update: The Signup is now closed. If you already signed up, look for your email on Feb 2nd. Thank you! It’s that time of year: THE SEVENTH ANNUAL VALENTINES EXCHANGE. I’m going to be honest, I nearly backed out this year. But so many folks contacted me saying they wanted something to look forward to – […]

Valentine Swap 2016

Update: Entrance to the annual valentine swap is now closed. Thank you to everyone who filled out the form – as of Feb 2nd, all addresses have been collected, shuffled, and sent back out. If you do not see your email, first *please check your spam filter*, and if that does not work, email me […]

Valentine Exchange 2015

As some of you know, the fifth annual Valentine swap has just come to an end, bigger and bolder than ever! More than 1,400 handmade valentines were exchanged between total strangers, which adds up to just enough warmth and kindness to offset this brutal winter. Excellent news: the popularity of hashtags have made it much […]

Heart Punch Garlands

My friend Noeleen came over for a snowy afternoon last week. We could have busied ourselves with corn chips and trashy TV, but instead we got crafty and painted coffee filters. Yay us! There were no particular plans for what to with them, except that it be nifty looking. Well, I think we succeeded. Each […]

16 Valentine DIYs to Try This Weekend

    I don’t know about you, but I’ll be glad to saw farewell to January and move one step closer to spring! This weekend I’ll be getting’ my valentine on. How about you? 1. origami love notes  2. heartbreaker candy favors  3. 40+ free valentine images  4. oreo valentines 5. wax doily hearts  6. strawberry and cream cake  7. striped glass vases 8. sparkling heart wine […]

Valentine Swap 2015

### Update Feb 5, 2015 Valentine Swap Participants*  1. Thank you for participating! I love seeing these photos of valentines on the move. More! More! 2. Emails with addresses went out on Feb1st. I sent hundreds of them which likely triggered some spam filters, so if you are still looking, *check your junk mail*. ### Attention […]

Valentines Day at the Movies. With Angst.

So, last week I sat down to do a round-up post of cool Valentine stuff I saw on Pinterest– paper hearts, pink and red greeting cards, a cake topper featuring Fabio on horseback (What? Who? Me? Never.)…you know. The usual. But then I saw this thing. It bugged me. This pin, this photo, was a […]