The Amazing Parade: Love is in the Air

Valentines featuring hearts made from coffee filter scraps.
The week has come to an end and my living room looks like cupid exploded. There are flower petals in the carpet and gold lace doilies in between the couch cushions. Yesterday I found a tissue paper heart laying on top of the litterbox. See, even Lola is getting in on the Valentine* action.
The blizzard induced confinement spurred a surge of craftiness, as well as a few new internet adventures. Thought I would share a few highlights…
For anyone who isn’t in to making their own Valentines, check out the lovely illustrations of Katie Daisy. 
Attention Font Snobs: listen up, Comic Sans has something to say to you.
Delicious homemade ice cream using ONE ingredient and without an ice cream maker. AND it’s healthy? Shazzam!

I think I’m getting a parental inadequacy complex (read: Lola is getting a sweater.)

Speaking of parental inadequacy, one time I met a girl named La-A, pronounced LaDasha (“because the dash don’t quit!”)…and I thought that was ridiculous. Then I read this. Oh. Wow.
*Reminder: It’s not too late to sign up for the Valentine Swap.  Send me an email before 5pm Feb 7: and include your address!


  1. Sus says

    My hub knows a guy who named his kid Barney spelled BarKni.

  2. says

    The baby name article made me laugh. I’ve never known anyone with a cruel weird name (went through school with a Summer Meadows), but my college roommate went to high school with a pair of siblings with the last name of Light. Their first names? Bud and Star.

  3. says

    We first had “Banana Whip”, or ice cream, at a blueberry festival, last August. Like you, I blogged about it, soooo anxious to share such a GREAT concept. They were making it in pricey juicers that were being promoted for sales. I came home and made it in my Cuisinart – bought and paid for. And, they were scooping blueberry sauce over it. I did the same. Two ingredients???!!! My grandkids LOVE the stuff.

    Lovin’ your Heart-y cheer, Peaches!

  4. says

    Should I EVER drop, err, give birth, a boy will be Scott Clyde (the river that runs through Glasgow), and a girl will be Erin Shannon. (got an Erin- cat and a Shannon- cat already) My mum wanted to call me Michael… unfortunately a crucial bit was missing. And if she’d called me Jessica, her favourite choice, her dog and I would have come running at the same time, so it had to be Stefanie for some obscure reason. Hey, I never said we were creative!
    An old friend of mine named his baby daughter Catherine Elizabeth Lorraine (main name, this one) Trisha Isobel Curran (last name), the initials of which spell CELTIC, his favourite football team. Worst thing is, all those names occurred in his family at one time or another, so he got away with it!
    (and boy, do I love it!)
    If I could choose a name for myself, it’d be Tallulah. Can one change her first name? Gotta look that one up!

  5. mummymoo says

    Hee hee at my son’s kindy there is a little girl called ‘Honey Rain’ and straight up I know a guy called ‘Wayne Kerr’who owns a construction company in town unfortunately he is just that, maybe there is something in a name after all …..

  6. says

    Thanks so much for your twitter advice! I like your idea of linking it to my blog, that way when I post about something it goes straight to twitter! Thanks again!

  7. says

    The Comic Sans link sends me to a 404. Can you check this and revise if necessary? I love/hate Comic Sans and would love to know what it has to tell me!

  8. says

    Whoops a daisy! I just inserted a new link to McSweeney’s piece on comic sans -it’s a riot! Between you and me, I loathe comic sans. Unfortunately I see it ALL. THE. TIME…..but since reading this, the text carries a lot more attitude!

  9. says

    Dear Peaches, You are my new favorite Aunt! The McSweney link had me in tears. When I googled Comic Sans + whatever else I typed in, I found this which doesn’t even hold a candle to your link.

    Thank you for the quick fix, and for the blog and for the great ideas. You, in case you haven’t heard it lately, Rock.


  10. says

    Looooove the Comic Sans piece! It is my husbands go to lame-a$$ choice. I tease him about it because I am a snob like that. (And then I go buy my clothes at the Goodwill)

  11. says

    Dee, you need to get your hub off the font. If he won’t give up CS voluntarily, you can even remove the font from your home computer. Stop the madness!

    Josh, no, you rock! Thanks for the kind words and the link. That comic sans site made me laugh (I especially appreciate the alternative font section. “Buttweasel” is particularily fetching.) About Mcsweeneys, ahg how I love them. Next time you are in the mood to read another ‘first person’ rant, check out,…… ….

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