Good thing I’m not superstitious…

I took this photo this morning. Notice anything unusual?

This is the statue of the Virgin Mary in the tiny “yard” behind my apartment. Neighbors tell me she has been in this post for many years, long before the pine tree to her left was planted. The pine tree is now taller than the apartment, so that should give you a good idea how old it, and Mary, must be. I tried to move her once but she wouldn’t budge. I think one of the tree roots latched on or something. Good thing I’m not superstitious…

Then this morning, I saw this empty nest at her left knee. The wind must have knocked it from a tree branch above. I wouldn’t think much of it except this same thing with the nest happened last year as well. Good thing I’m not superstitious…

And look above Mary’s head. On the garden wall, there is a horse shoe. With teeth. I’m not sure what sort of teeth they might be or who put the horseshoe there, but I assume it’s some sort of good luck talisman. I tried to remove the teeth once but they have calcified directly to the chicken wire on top of the fence. Suppose I could take a power tool to them, but I figure they have been living there longer than me, and really, who am I evict a perfectly good set of choppers.

Good thing I’m not superstitious…


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    Those teeth are scary. They might be from a pig (not human, I’m sure!) or something but still… kind of disturbing. But who knows, maybe some evil spirits are scared off! 🙂

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    This creeps me out. It’s a wonderful bright, sunny morning, and I feel like the darn candyman is standing behind me, waiting to go “booh”. Cheers, Peaches. Thanks a lot. *shudders*

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    Hi Aunt Peaches! I say you don’t mess with that Lady and her patch of yard, I’d make nice with her and leave her some flowers or fruit…I think the teeth are bovine or deer vice porcine.

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    Pardon me for being serious for a moment: I find the timeliness of your post and the placement of the nest very interesting. Did you know that tomorrow is the Feast of the Annunciation? It may all just be coincidental – but it’s definitely interesting. I find this a great reminder to pray for all people right now considering everything that is going on. Seriousness over.

    The teeth, however, just kind of creep me out.

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    Eeek. I agree with Stella’s comment, don’t touch or disturb the forces in your back yard. Merely observe. Oh, and report back to us.

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    I’m not superstitious, but I really love things like this. And it all looks really beautiful, even (especially?) the teeth.

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    I have a blasphemous love of religious paraphernalia and I absolutely love this post. The teeth really make the whole scene.

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    This is amazing. Maybe I will leave my wishbone collection in the abandoned nest in my backyard when I move out. You know, in hopes of the future renter being an wonderful photographer with an attention to detail.

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    There are very few places on the internet that I can go and see something I’ve never seen before. Your site is one of those places.

    Damn creepy.

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    i agree with the above lot… spooky… creepy… don’t touch the lady… shiver me timbers… keep away from the chompers….

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