The World’s Easiest and Foofiest Easter Wreath

Y’all are going to get really tired of me making everything all pink and green and flouncy from now until Easter. Forgive me. I can’t help it. It’s a holiday marked by small furry creatures and ginormous hats. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Now check out my Easter wreath. Yes, it’s a bit foofy, even for me, but sometimes a little foof is a good thing! And it was ridiculously easy. All you need is a few dozen cucake liners, coffee filters, and a stapler.

Start by trimming coffee filters into a flower shapes, then layer on three or four cupcake liners. Staple twice in the middle.

PS: Of the many, many time I have made stuff out of cupckae liners, this is is the first time I have implemented a stapler. But now, after seeing Camilla do it, I feel so stupid I never tried it before. Far easier than anything I ever did with glue or pipe cleaners. Camilla, you’re a genius! Y’all have to check out her Easter wreath –I have a box of cocktail umbrellas waiting to go :)

After stapling, pinch up the center cupcake liner, followed by the others, working from the outside in.

Keep going until you have enough flowers t cover your base. It took 40 flowers to cover my 14″ foam wreath base with a thick, full covering. I’ll bet you could do it with 20, or even less.

Attach the them to the wreath with pearl-head pins, that way you can pull them out and reuse the wreath base and flowers another time. I think these flowers might end up on a post-Easter lampshade or something. It’s too pretty to stuff in a closet with the eggs. Why can’t we have Easter year round?


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    lovvvvvvvvve!!!! going to make this with wax paper instead of the coffee filters since that’s what I got at home. I am obsessed with all the fin cupcake liner projects circling the blogs right now!

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    BEEEEautiful!!!!!! Foof is good, and makes us smile! The parasol wreath is so neat, but the first thing I thought of was “how much did she have to drink to collect those umbrellas???” THEN, I read the post, to see you can BUY those umbrellas!!!

    DUH…I guess everything can be bought…but it takes the fun out of collecting them the fun way! :)

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    Foofalicious! I love how the neatral coffee filters set off the pastels – I think it’s a really unusual and beautiful color combo. Most lovely, o Peachy One!

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    Staples man! How easily I forget staples and my glue gun as solutions to quick fixes.
    I love the wreath and will be seriously contemplating making one this weekend. Thanks for another lovely tutorial!


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