Dear Tulips

Dear Tulips, You look very sad when you bend over like that. It’s a shame your heads have to fall off.

One time I found a napkin on the subway that read “I wish I were singing right now.”

Sounds silly, perhaps, but since then, when I see people on the subway, I wonder, “Which one of you is singing on the inside?”

I love stuff like that.

Ever since that napkin, I have taken up the habit of leaving little notes of my own. On the subway, in the park, at the grocery store…wherever it seems appropriate. Sometimes I feel bad because, well, it’s littering. But then I think, “When was the last time someone wrote a love letter to microwaveable buttered popcorn?”

And then I don’t feel so bad.


  1. says

    oh wow, I would love to find notes like that. Perhaps I should pay it forward and start to leave a few of my own. I so love this idea. Thank you.

  2. says

    I have often thought of leaving notes that said: Best looking mailbox, or Best pot of flowers on your doorstep. I think I’ll follow through. Ann

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