33 Purple Ladies

I’m usually too lazy to walk to work, but in late Spring, in the heart of blossom time I make the effort.

This morning I noticed an unusually high number of blossoming trees in shades of violet, plum and pomegranate. It would be one thing to see two, or three, or four purple blossoming trees…but 33?

And why purple? Why not orange? Or yellow?

I think Mother Nature might be a Purple Ladyyou know, one of those eccentric types who loves big hair and purple dresses. They wear lots of perfume and keep an impressive assortment of “guest soap” in the bathroom. Purple Ladies are my favorite. I aspire to be one some day.

Until then, while the blossoms are here, I thought I would share some of my favorite purple ladies from my morning walk. Aren’t camera phones nifty?


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    I’ll never be able to visualize Mother Nature without her guest soap again…! Great. Really great. 😀

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    Oooh, pretty! I’d walk, too, with a view like that…

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    I think that in England, she is more of a mellow yellow gal. You know, the kind that hides her feeble nature behind bright colours, never stays too long at a party, and the morning after, nobody remembers her name but everybody distinctly recalls the garm she was wearing? Usually for the hand- stitched embroidery depicting either a butterfly or, God forbid, pansies. I love pansies.

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    Beautiful! By the way, you just described my mother! haha

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    i would love to be a purple lady too but alas it’s not to be. my sensitive skin doesn’t allow for pretty soaps or perfumes… maybe I’ll have to settle for the dresses and big hair. ya, that I could do!

    gorgeous photos!

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    So pretty!!! Please link to us over on Flamingo Scraps, we don’t mind! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting us — welcome!! 🙂 Amanda

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    I’ve definitely noticed a predominance of purple flowers over the last couple of years. I love purple, but also look forward to seeing the brighter colors that come out later in the summer like yellow. Beautiful post!

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