This Aint your Grandma’s Pink Flamingo

This is the new face of lawn ornamentation: a Toyota sized chicken wire topiary fish covered in recycled bottle caps.

I know. Isn’t it amazing?

My friend Leah photographed it in her old neighborhood, Takoma Park, MD just outside Washington DC. She posted it on facebook nearly two years ago and I haven’t forgotten about it since. Yes, that means I have been saving up bottle caps for nearly TWO YEARS.

People, I am serious. I need me a bottle cap fish.

Small problem: I don’t have a lawn to put it on.  I need something more stable, upright with a smaller footprint. Ideas?

Look, it lights up at night –that means it’s functional too!

Many thanks to Leah for sharing these photos and haunting my recyclables bin. Many thanks to the Artist-Slash-Leah’s-Old-Neighbor, who I do not know by name, but if you know them, please send them my compliments. People who make good stuff out of crap stuff are the best!


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    you need a road trip up to MN. artscraps has gallons of bottle caps. you could make an ELEPHANT out of them.

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    Perhaps a giraffe? Four legs would be stable, but it’d still give you a recognizable shape and some height to keep it impressive. A skinny giraffe would fit on a balcony or something. Awesome idea!

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    But what about saving Snapple caps and those large apple juice caps? The bigger the better. Maybe I should make a Buffalo for Colorado? This would be really nice with lights inside the fish. I have to sleep on this. And plan my approach. Ann

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    upright? how about mounting something to the wall…OR THE CEILING! do the 7 foot long fish and just sick it to the ceiling! or what about a hot air balloon. you could mount it in the corner of a wall ceiling area like the rest of the hot air balloon is on the other side of the wall. plus that would be a simple shape to make out of chicken wire :0)

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    You could make a big whale and hang it from the ceiling like the one at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Booyah! Or you could make a canoe and decorate it in a geometric Native American pattern and do the same. Chicago Lake Lodge.

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    Oh what fun!! That’s great yard art. The link for buying dress forms is on the bottom of the dress form post. You don’t have to order them online though the store is right here in Orlando, the address is on the link. the possibilities are endless for decorating the dress forms.


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    Perhaps one of those dragon-puppet things? Like the ones people dance under for Chinese New Year?

    If you made it cat-sized….well, Lola would have an awesome costume for just about every occasion.


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