The Amazing Parade

I always love letterpress, but these cards had me laughing at my desk for half an hour. Via Style Swoon. 

Do Y’all know Jonathan Fong? He is ridiculously talented AND looks wicked cute in rabbit ears. His paint chip napkin rings and Andy Warhol kitchen cabinets are worth some serious peeping.

For anyone who has always wanted a Madeline Weintrab zig zag rug, here it is at a fraction of the price.

One of my favorite writers, Colin Nissan, takes on the voice of Neil Diamond, another one of my favorites.

Painted silverware? Why didn’t I think of this ages ago?! Via Dollar Store Crafts.

Jaime and I went to high school together. We used to hang out by the train station, draw tattoos and smoke badass clove cigarettes. Now she is a fancy pants attorney type in British Columbia and has a swell new blog focusing on “an environmentally conscious, wallet-friendly look at the world.” Oh, how times have changed! Check out her recipe for hot chocolate sugar scrub. Delicious.

Anthropologie just launched their bridal offshoot BHLDN, selling every manner of gorgeousness. Suddenly my paper flowers look very humble next to these. Oh Poo 🙁

Crafterminds has all kinds of great articles and resources. One of my favorites: “8 Reasons To Comment on My Blog”

I refuse to pay $35 for a blah and boring rubber Iphone case. I’m getting Lola’s picture on mine. This would make a great gift, no? Doesn’t everyone want a Lola phone?

Anyone have special plans for the Kentucky Derby?  Did anyone go to the Mom Prom last weekend? Maybe your doing your own little Mom Prom this Sunday? Good for you! Happy Mothers Day 🙂


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    OMG! “Dear Fork” almost made me pee my pants! Thanks for sharing!

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    Dear Twilight Fans!!! Thanks for that! I knew we are normal. Off to make sesame oil scrub.

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    I really like the painted silverware. I saw the original service ware for sale on another site and was shocked by how expensive they were. LOVE the idea of doing it yourself!

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    How sick is it that as soon as I saw Madeline Weintrab I clicked off and ordered it {haven’t actually finished the transaction} before coming back to your post! Great links and I LOVE that unicorn card–hilarious! Hope you’re off to a happy new week!

    xo Mary Jo

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    Great links! Those Andy Warhol cabinets are amazing! And while those flowers are pretty, I don’t think your paper flowers look so humble.

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