Friday Flowers: Cupcake Bouquet

I know I’m doing a Friday flower project on Wednesday.

I’m so ahead of the curve!

Or behind it.

Depends how you look at it.

I think it’s already Thursday in Australia.

That must count for something, right? 

So, Sarah emailed me for an easy, kindergartener-friendly Mother’s Day gift project. And since I’m looking to keep things short and sweet this week, not to mention my new found staple-thy-cupcakes kick, I thought some easy cupcake flowers might be just the thing.

Impressive results. Zero mess. Readily available materials. And here is your chance to teach a little boy how good it feels to give a woman flowers.

Listen, don’t anyone try to rumple my girdle about gender equality issues. Little girls should be giving flowers too, but, there is a decent chance those little boys will one day grow to be men and you can save them a whole lot of confusion/heartache/therapy/attorney fees if they jump on the Frequent Flower Giving Bandwagon early-on in life. Here is your chance. Seize the opportunity! Future generations will thank you.

See, these are the child development lessons you can’t get from Dr. Spock.  And why? Because Dr. Spock was so gosh-darn well adjusted  he left his first wife of 48 years to run off with the secretary. The one he wooed with, what else?  Flowers.

And y’all thought you were coming here for craft time.


  • Cupcake liners. At least 6 per blossom.
  • A stapler. Nothing fancy.
  • Stems. I like to buy bunches of fake flowers at the dollars store and pull off the heads (reserve the flowers for other projects) however, it would be easy enough to make do with drinking straws or plastic forks or wooden dowels…just make sure it’s something munchkin friendly.

Stack up 6 to 10 liners and staple twice, leaving a 1cm gap in the middle.

Insert the stem in the middle of the gap. No glue necessary, assuming the stems are sturdy. Pop a little paste in there if you are worried.

One by one, ruffle and scrunch each layer, working half way through the stack.

Flip it over and repeat the ruffle and scrunching process.

Well looky here. We have a bouquet!

I happen to have this vase laying around –it’s just a beer bottle with a bunch of shells glued on it, not unlike a jewelry box I made my mom in for Mother’s day a million years ago.

I think a vase made from a munchkin painted water bottle would do nicely too. Or wrap a can with yarn or string. Whatever it is, just make it looks homemade. If you ask me, everything should look and feel homemade on Mother’s Day. That’s how moms like it!

Speaking of Mothers Day…
I was recently informed that I currently rank 84th in Babble’s diy/craft division of Top 50 Mommy Blogs. This is a surprise, seeing as no one ever told me, and I’m not a Mommy. Just the same, I would love it if you took a quick second to vote for me.

Lola will feel so validated 🙂


  1. says

    Can you post the link to vote for you every day? I voted last week. It’s funny because I have heard of only five of those blogs. I covet that shell beer bottle. What kind of glue do you use? Ann

  2. says

    I love the 2-sidedness of these flowers! And the tutorial! And the vase! And the red kitchen chair that is exactly like the one in my grandmother’s kitchen when I was little. And the fact you are a mommy blog…hee!

    Is anyone starting a list of Top Auntie blogs? You would be #1. I’m an Auntie, put me in there someplace!

  3. says

    Brilliant again. Passing along to all of my kindy friends!

  4. says

    You do realize you are my only excuse to buy cupcake thingamajigs in the first place? And reading your blog actually DOES NOT help explaining why the thingamajigs are zebra- patterned. Well, thanks a lot. Thanks for making me explain the inexplicable. Hrrrmph.

  5. says

    Well, I know I’d love a bouquet like that from my little munchkin! Cute and simple…there’s no better craft combination! (Oh…and isn’t it amazing that you could have a kid and not know it?! I definitely voted for you!)

  6. says

    friday flowers on a wednesday?.. makes sense to me. come friday you’ll be fully prepared to make someone’s day with your delicious little cupcake bouquet. see? perfect!

  7. says

    I think EVERYONE deserves flowers 🙂
    I love this project, I am NOT a kitchen-ista, but sometimes I forget and go on this shopping binge where I’m all like “Hell yeah, just because I never made cupcakes doesn’t mean I won’t today!” and then I never do so I have all these cupcake wrappers collecting dust. I’ve seen a ton of coffee-filter flowers which just between you and me dear, are getting a little old, so this take is quite refreshing!

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