30 June 2011

Thinking in Swatches

Never thought I would get up on the interwebs and sing the praises of teal and gray. Yet here we are, a week after I took this picture, and I'm looking to insert these colors into everything in sight. Last night I started wrapping a butter yellow napkin around to my old green garden hose because they looked so pretty together. So now my hose has a stylish neck-kerchief.


Now, I like to think I have always been sensitive to color, but this whole 'thinking in swatches' is new. If I get arrested for putting pink peonies in navy blue post boxes, I'll blame it on Color Collective.



  1. Very pretty color combo - love the silvery dusty miller. How did you get the blocks of color that are under the photo? I've been searching for a site or program add-on to do the same!

    Really enjoy your stuff: you're a down-to-earth gal like me, lol!

  2. Great color swatch!
    Is there a software program that allows you to add this color swatch? Or, did you use 1 photo & a swatch photo then paste in them photoshop ... very serious :]
    Would love some in site.
    Thanks <3

  3. Good question ladies! I used Adobe Indesign, similar to photoshop, but there must be some sort of online upload/selector/gadget thing...Hmm....I'll ask around.

  4. Benjamin Moore has an app called Color Capture where you take a picture or upload a pic to your iPhone, and it tells you whatever colors are in that pic. Love your palette, Auntie P!


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