Happy Birthday to Us

It’s true. Lola has major coffee breath.

And yes, it’s also true: I’m proud to say that this this little blog was born one year ago today. Hooray!

According to wikipedia, today’s July 1st birthday is shared with Pamela Anderson, Princess Diana and Canada. Note, if you ever want to feel like an uncouth fat kid, find a way to group yourself in with world’s most famous, beautiful, skinny blond chicks, and an entire nation of ridiculously nice people. 

At least my horoscope fairs better, You can experience bursts of creativity and energy that help you to further your goals. Healthy risk-taking is likely this year, as you are more able to spot an opportunity when you see one.

Sounds good. Lola and I are celebrating with fish fingers and The Liza Minelli of Cake. Who is in? 

And yes, I know what you are thinking: A cat with coffee breath AND fish fingers? Who can turn that down?

You’re so right. I better scoot before folks start beating down the door. 

But before I go, in case I never said it, thank you

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for writing in and sharing. I started this thing as a simple way to record some thoughts and projects before I lost my mind and ran out of brain space…I never imagined it would bring me joy and introduce me to such wonderful people. The last year has brought so many new names and faces into my life, well, I feel like I know some of you already. I hope you feel like you know me too. The way I see it, this isn’t the anniversary of my blog, it was just the beginning of our conversation. 

So happy birthday to us!



  1. says

    Happy Birthday! You re so funny! Fish fingers are yum. I added you just few days ago but I really like your blog. Agan, happy bday 😉

  2. says

    Happy Birthday! I like you blog a lot. And that picture of Lola is excellent. =)

  3. says

    Happy Birthday, Peaches and Lola 😀
    I’m glad your brain was near melting point a year ago… good to know you guys!

  4. says

    Gratulation! 🙂

    And Lola looks so absolutely adorable with her beautiful teeth and closed eyes and all the white whiskers! Great picture! 🙂

  5. says

    Here’s to many more years of inspired creations. Cheers!

  6. says

    Happy Blog Birthday to you! Happy Canada Day to me!

    I always enjoy seeing your entries pop up in my google reader, thank you 🙂

  7. says

    Happy birthday Peaches, and what a zany, happy, funny and fun conversation it has been so far! Wishing you many more blog birthdays and consider yourself lucky–my particular birthday is shared with Verdi, not the most upbeat of guys.

    xo Mary Jo

  8. says

    I do feel like I know you. Also, I’ll admit I’ve fallen in love.
    Here’s to another year, then many more.

  9. says

    Inquiring readers want to know. Exactly what kind of job do you have.? How do you know Dale, the loitering dog?
    Do you know any of the other Chicago bloggers? Have you heard from the girl in Saudi. Arabia recently? What kind of clothes do you wear? What is your favorite color? Song? cake? Year? If someone gave you $10,000 what would you do with it?
    In celebration of your bloggy versify I think you should create some new garbage flowers. we also need more recipes. Before the blogger thing eats this, the word I need type in is “FREAKI”. cute, huh?
    My new iPad won’t accept the word. Bloggy rhymes with groggy. It keeps changing it to. Blobby. The second part of the word that I wanted was. Versary It has been changed to several other words. I wrote part and it was cHanged to Parton. FREAKI. Ann. we love you.
    sent from my new Ipad. Inthemiddle of Ohio. Inthedark. Inthecar.

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    Happy Birthday, Peaches! Love the conversation! Also, I have to admit, now that Nutbird said it out loud, I share the same questions! And , you have as much glamour, cool and niceness as the other bday peeps, without the onus of having hepatitis C, acid rain or photoshopped older on national magazines…

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    Happy Birthday!
    I’m not near as creative as Nutbird (funny!) or adornedunicorn (clever!)
    or most anyone else out there but I so enjoy your blog!

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    Happy, Happy!! You haven’t aged a bit! 🙂 Keep on coming with your wise wit, your cool crafts and tell us more about your cool family! The first time I read your blog, I loved how you started on one topic, got sidetracked talking about your family, and their antics (which are so fun!), then finally got back around to the end of the story. And that was maybe 3 pages later. It was fascinating!

    Keep us the wonderful work, documenting your thoughts, keeping us involved in your life and of course, letting us know how Lola is doing! She is part of our blog family as well. Love it!!!! One year old is great!

  13. Sue says

    Agreed with the above- good questions lets have answers! Happy anniversary to you and lola. i can smell her breath already ;o}

  14. says

    Nutbird, again, you crack me up 🙂 And I am impressed with your IPad skills! My captia word is “narfit” which could, or should, be a real word. Maybe a disease. Hmmm…
    I’m very flattered anyone would be interested, especially you who has such an interesting story of your own! But since you asked…to answer your questions….
    *I work in a regular office, split my time between graphic design and event planning.
    *Dale is married to Nancy, my Mom’s college roommate. I am closer to their family than I am to a lot of my own relatives. I am planning a post about Dale one of these days soon. He makes for good reading.
    * I haven’t heard from Hala in a couple weeks…just following the news story like everyone else 🙂
    *I wear black jersey everyday. Cheap. Nothing special. But I have scarves and bracelets and brooches to rival any fancy department store. “Vera” scarves from the thrift store are a special favorite. I should write a post on that too, come to think of it.
    * Favorite color is cantaloupe.
    * The Pippi Longstocking theme song is in the top 5.
    * Fav years always involve 9’s or 7’s and I’m super superstitious about it too!
    * Fav cake is turtle pie.
    * If a genie commanded me to spend 10k on a something fun, I’d probably vacation to some place crazy….I’m thinking Argentina or Safari in Kenya. Maybe India. Or Australia. I ADORE Australians. But who doesn’t?

    Now you hurry up and get your blog going so I can leave questions for you in the comments!

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    happy blirthday! i can’t believe this blog is only a year old. it’s an old soul.

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    I’ve only recently happened upon your blog and already I love everything about it! It feels like you’ve been blogging forever! Enjoy your birthday fun and may all the wishes for your new year come true!

    PS: I’m glad you like Aussies cause I’m one!!!! 🙂

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    Happy Blog-A-Birthday to youuuuuuu!


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    Happy Belated Blog Birthday to you and Lola! Your blog has been an incredible inspiration to me over the last several months…and it just keeps coming. Thanks for being so open, so creative and so much fun…now go have some (leftover) Liza Minelli cake and fish sticks!

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