03 July 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. Get out and enjoy some sunshine and hot dogs!

Somewhere between the smores and the fireworks, if you can, take a moment to read The Declaration of Independence. Preferably out loud and in front of munchkins. With gusto. Not only is it beautifully written, it's one heck of a story and pertains to a lot more than just one nation, one day of the year.

That Thomas Jefferson was one cool dude.

Happy Fourth!
Who wants some patriotic bottle flowers?


  1. You are so right! And I super love the festive bottle flowers! Happy 4th, friend!

  2. Love them! but how did you paint stripes and stars so neatly inside the bottle?

  3. Oh, the stars, the stars! I love these bottle flowers of amazing intricacy and charm. Boom goes the dynamite!

  4. BOOM is right, Michelle! Happy 4th :)

    *Karen, I probably should have explained better...it's layers of paint --I first painted the bottle with red stripes and white stars, then painted blue and white over it. It was super quick and actually pretty sloppy painting, but it looks nifty when it's all sliced up!

  5. Clever my dear... love it! :]
    Very festive indeed.
    Happy 4th of July.

  6. Fantastic bottle flowers! The husband and I thought we’d be awesome and school our little girl from a young age about the birth of this country by starting a tradition of watching 1776 on Independence Day. Apparently we forgot about the blaspheming and discussions of ‘whoring and drinking’. Total FAIL. Though, having lived in Virginia for the majority of my life, I agree that TJ was one awesome dude!

  7. So there is no paint inside the actual bottle. Layers on the outside, right? What kind of paint do you use? I love these and the other bottle flowers, too!


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