Moving Skeleton: One Bottle of Chocolate Milk Wine

Cleaning out the cupboards in preparation for a move will unearth some unusual things.
Ahem, for example: red wine and chocolate milk. 
In the same bottle.
It pours like paint.
Question is, Can I still regift it if I put it on my blog?
The answer is, Obviously.


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    One night last week I made myself a wine slurpee because I was bored.

    It wasn’t good.

  2. says

    @Topaz, I’ll take your word for it!
    @Kelly, No girl, milk and wine don’t mix in my world. But it will sure make a splendid gift 🙂
    @JHill, you go! You know, I don’t drink much, but one of my fav things is Pino Grigio and sprite over ice cubes. Liz Lemon calls it Funky Juice. I call it AMAZING.

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    It couldn’t really have milk in it right? Wouldn’t that… spoil? Chocolate wine doesn’t sound much better, however you never know!

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    I love the phrase ‘moving skeleton’! Show us more! Note to you: I hope you don’t regift this one to me. No really, I couldn’t.

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    If you put it on your blog, isn’t that a Give Away, not regifting?

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    I really love chocolate, but not sure if I could go for chocolate wine. And I agree with Chrysalis on this one – this could be considered a Give Away, not regifting!

    I don’t see any takers yet, though…unless you wrap it in coffee filter flowers!!!

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    It tastes just like a bushwhacker. It’s really yummy and strong.

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    I had the raspberry chocolate flavor….it’s an acquired taste.

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    My mom loves that wine. She gave me a bottle of the raspberry stuff, and though I’m not a wine drinker, it didn’t stop me from finishing it off…..

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