Ruffled Jellyfish Explosion (aka: Plastic Bag Light)

Damn skippy you guys are good.

I asked folks to guess what I was making last week and nearly everyone said hanging light or lamp or pendant chandelier. And here I was, thinking I could trick you. Shame on me. Y’all are too good!

Clearly, either I am getting predictable or y’all know me too well. This probably means I should to cool it on the light fixtures for a while. *Sigh*

A hearty congrats to Jackie for coming up with the winning guess. Hope you have room for a ruffled, exploding jellyfish light on your ceiling. She needs a good home!

Safety Update: Don’t anyone go and set anything on fire! Make sure your basket and light bulb have a good 6″ or more in gap space, otherwise you might risk overheating or the bags melting onto your bulb, and that’s no good. Give yourself lots of air room, use a low watt bulb, or an LED bulb that does not generate heat. Safety first 🙂


  1. says

    I love your lamps. I found you through the straw chandelier and I love your ideas! Just one question, wont these bags catch on fire from the light bulb?

  2. says

    Good question Sonishka! For my set up, the gap space between the basket is wide enough that I’m not concerned about heat building up. If you are concerned though, use a LED lightbulb– they don’t generate heat. Thanks for bringing this up:)

  3. says

    This reminds me of high school, oh so many years ago. One of many fund raising we did was selling “Poly Plush Animals.” I bought one and our dog got it and I discovered it was a wire frame with plastic bags tied around it. These were not locally crafted, but mass produced. However 30+ years ago, they were probably “Made in the USA.” Love your light!

  4. says

    I love this light shade! I am very interested in recycling and recently been making jewellery out of plastic bags! such an unused medium! well done!
    Jen x

  5. says

    That is amaaaaaazing looking! Hee hee, that boring old fixture never expected to be jellyfished. You’re probably right, a small wattage bulb or led – if Jackie just keeps an eye on it for half an hour the first time it’s lit, should be safe.

    I’m totally gonna fluff some beige plastic bags, this is so pretty!

  6. says

    It totally resembles a jellyfish!!! I’d love to see how the light plays through the layers of plastic. I bet it’s so cool! And I take it that is you amid the photo collage? So nice to see your pretty face. Love your awesome photo collage too, btw. Man, I gotta try something like that sometime!!!

  7. says

    Wow, your original ceiling light fixture looks exactly like the one I redid. I like yours more! You also take such great pictures.

  8. says

    Stella and Michele, thank you for the compliment, but alas, that isn’t me! It’s my old friend Kiki, whose name/likeness are pretty regular around here. I need to get better with photo captions 🙂
    Thank you though!

  9. says

    Definitely a fun shade! I bet tissue paper would have a fantastic stained-glass effect!

  10. l'arbre à bobines says

    Merci, c’est vrai GENIAL.


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