My Studio: “The place isn’t fit to grow penicillin.”

After months and months of dragging it out, the move is finally here! By the end of the week I’ll finally be home. Hooray! Can’t wait to show you the new place 🙂
As I was packing up, it occurred to me that I never showed the place that I make half the stuff that goes on this blog–my studio. I showed the window a while ago, but I never showed you the room itself. Why? 1. Horrible lighting for photographs. 2. It’s always a mess.
These are some photos I took back on a tidy day. You don’t want to see it on a messy day. It’s ugly. As the great Julia Suragrbaker used to say “The place isn’t fit to grow penicillin.” 
Note the half-empty shoe bags nailed to the wall. At one time they were used for sorting glitter. Now the glitter is gone. Sniff…

Thanks for dropping by! 


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    I love how you seem to have a natural tendency towards Christmas colors 🙂 What a great studio! I hope to have a space purely dedicated to my crafty whims one of these days…

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    I love the colors…so bright,so cheerful! Have been seeing so many nice studios lately…makes me wish for a space of my own. Good luck with your move!

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    This is so making me want to get back to working on my own craft room/studio! Now, I just need to find time!

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    Finally, a studio that looks like it actually gets used! It’s wonderful and you just ignore those naysayers. I’m willing to bet you CAN grow penicillin in there if you set your mind to it 🙂

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    This is my kind of studio, one that stimulates you and makes you think. I’m actually condsidering dragging out all the stuff (clothes, etc.) that I have neatily stashed away and just hanging it on the walls of a couple of rooms..if it’s out where I can see it, maybe I’ll do something with it.

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    Now, how did I never come up with the idea of placing my stuff in shoe bags?! Back here in my rented appartment the super won’t let me have any major changes so the shoe bags are amazing thought of having more space. Goodie!

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    Wait. That’s all we get?? More please! I just spent the last 3 days cleaning out my craft room and it’s so clean I don’t want to do any crafts because I know I won’t keep it clean when I do! arggh. It’s good for the soul to do it and throw stuff away, and start fresh! I’m trying really hard to thrown scraps away instead of throwing them down on the floor! Love your inspire me to no end1

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    I LOVE the ‘I actually use my studio’ look. For me nothing stifles my creativity like a blank desk. Of course spending 1 hour looking for “that such and such I KNOW I had” can also be a bummer. So I guess, for me, it’s a balance.

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    I agree with the “lived in” look for homes, craft rooms, etc. You can kick your feet up, get comfy and fit right in. I can’t wait to see your new place and see what you do with it! Let us see it when you get moved in, how you make changes and where things go. Thanks for showing us. I’m sure you will miss it, but on to a new adventure!!!

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    Bright & Cheery! Hope your new place is just as inspiring! My craft room is in the basement & you can’t do anything in it until you move at least six things… I organize it all the time, but as soon as I make something…forget it! The mess just expands to cover the whole room!

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    It really doesn’t look too messy to me–but then you haven’t seen my studio–haha! Can’t wait to see/hear about your new place! Moving is always exciting!

    xo Mary Jo

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    Had to repost, sorry…
    I love it, very creative place, indeed! :]
    A “real” person makes art here <3

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    What fun! Just found your lovely blog..I love your studio…reminds me of my working spot! Happy weekend…off to read some more of your posts. xo

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