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I love it when people find projects on my blog and add their own special twist. Rebecca saw my old living room Thatched Wall, merged it with another amazing idea, and took it to a new level. “I had one of those SHAZAM moments – I’m a librarian, I loves me some books, and I can totally do your thatching, but with enlarged manga that I also love!”
* Japanese comics  never looked so good! Rebecca used a regular black and white copy machine to individually photocopy each page, then adhered them to the wall with painter’s tape. The end result is impressive, inexpensive and apartment-friendly. I love how the colorful characters on the shelves set off the black and white pattern. Makes me want to take a stab at a wall of coloring book pages!
* As Naomi pointed out in her comment, these are not Japanese comics; Rebecca reports the pages were sourced from graphic novels. (As you can tell, I have much to learn!)

Rebecca’s bathroom wall came out so well she repeated the process in her living room too — honestly, guys, How cool is that?!

Kudos to Rebecca!!!



  1. says

    The bathroom one looks awesome! However, I do feel I have to point out that they are not Japanese comics, but rather, it looks to be a mix of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and Squee (along with some Happy Noodle Boy!):

    I’ve ben trying to figure out what to do with my bathroom area for a while – I might have to take inspiration from this!

  2. Anonymous says

    Naomi~ you’re totally correct on all counts. I totally messed-up and mentioned “manga” to Peaches whereas “graphic novel” would be accurate. (Librarian fail)

    The graphic novel in my living room is Rex Libris by James Turner

    Also, Peaches – LOVE the idea of coloring book page walls! You could leave crayons/colored pencils out that guests could use to color your walls!

    And a HUGE thank you so much for inspiring this and then posting it – I’m beyond happy 😀

    -Rebecca (who can’t figure out a profile to select, so she’s going with anonymous for now)

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    This looks awesome!! Great job, Rebecca 🙂 It reminds me of a friends house from elementary school. Her parents had this wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom that was a collage of various old fashioned ads, so it provided plenty of reading whilst in there lol! But this is better since it doesn’t repeat. Makes me want to read some graphic novels!

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    Thank y’all so much!

    The towels and the vinyl figures cost a *ton* so the thatched walls were such an awesome cost-saving uber-dramatic idea (thanks yet again, Peaches!). I keep finding myself wandering into that nook of my bathroom just to look at it all. 🙂

    Another small hint – I enlarged the images by 340% and used ledger paper (since my library charges per page regardless of size). The living room I kept to the original ledger size, but sliced the bathroom papers in half. It made JTHM/Squee even more abstract & (to me) even funnier.

    I am concerned about humidity – so if that becomes an issue I’ll return here and post a warning in the comments.

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    Love! I appreciate that she didn’t tear up the actual books, but used copies.

  6. says

    Oh my goodness! I saw “color-able” wallpaper not too long ago, and flipped. Do it with Squee & JTHM, and I’m in love!

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    loving the dunny collection being represented! super cool 🙂

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