The new neighbors will be so impressed

Thing is, I like my Halloween weird. Not too cute. Not too scary. Just plain weird.

I also want to make a good impression on my new neighbors.

I figure Halloween trick-or-treating will be my first opportunity to meet a lot of them, and honestly, what says Howdy Neighbor! like a couple of dead man’s hands in a pile of candy?

  These gloves are the best! They are rubbery and gross without being macabre.  I know you want them. Lucky for you, you can CLICK HERE to find them, and plenty of other festive goodies, and will discount your purchase. Not too shabby!

All you have to do is stuff the gloves with paper bags and tape them to the lid of a cardboard box. A little tissue paper and bucket of candy later and WHAMO you are ready to go!

If I really had my A-Game together, I would keep these on a table on the porch with a 5″ hole drilled in the bottom. Then, I would hide beneath a tablecloth and wait for kids to come and take a piece of candy off the tray. Then, just as they’re about to leave I’d wiggle a finger or two. That would do it.


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    Creepy fun! I like the method of taping them to stand upright. Your new neighbors will need to get used to stuff like this…

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    Love it! The Dollar Trees in my area have fake bloody hands, so those might work as well. I applaud you being ready so early but, dang, I definitely lack will power in the face of chocolate and all those yummy Twix and Reese’s would be LONG GONE by the 31st.

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    just the right amount of scary! I could see this exact same idea applied vertically on a wall too… so much fun Peaches!

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