Rebecca’s Muppet Wonderland

My heart be still, THE MUPPETS ARE ALMOST HERE! I have been waiting for months, no, years for the return of my beloved friends. It’s been far too long. And the day is almost here.  

It’s time to play the music. It’s time to Light the lights…
In celebration of this momentous occasion, I am going to spend this week (Nov 21-25) highlighting my favorite Muppet-esque projects from some of the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational people I know. Let’s kick it off with The Amazing Rebecca!

You remember Rebecca’s Rhinestone Darth Vader and Graphic Novel Wall, right? As if her house wasn’t fantastic enough, now she has gone and made it Muppetastic (yes, that’s a real word, goshdarnit) with pom-pom wall art and faux fur furniture. LOOK AT THIS!

To make the two part pom-pom ‘painting’ she glued each Muppet colored fuzz ball to two blank white canvases. Don’t you want to reach through the screen and run your fingers over the surface?

Do you want that ottoman as much as I do? I have added googly eyes to clothes and Jewelry, but furniture? Whoa. This might be a game changer.

Again, THANK YOU THE AMAZING REBECCA for sharing her home and her talents with all of us 🙂 Who else thinks Rebecca needs to start a blog? I would be Follower #1!


  1. Rebecca Brooks says

    Thank you so much, Peaches! I am truly honored to be featured again 🙂 And for Muppet Week no less! YAAAAY!!! (flails arms around like Kermie)

    All of those things were an absolute blast to make – and they’re all as soft as you’d hope they’d be.

    The only thing I have to mention is that with the small Kermit outline pom-pom artsty-thing is that I call it “Kermthulhu” because if you imagine the eyes being up where Kermit’s eyes belong, then it looks like Kermit’s outline. But, if you imagine the eyes at collar-level, then it looks like it’s Cthulhu. Kinda creepy and cool all at once 😀

    Hmm…commenting for the first time using Disqus and I’m not a huge fan that it put my full name out there – anyone know how to disable that?

  2. says

    What do you mean, no blog? Anybody who combines the words Kermit and Cthulhu and smoothly gets away with it has the civil duty to write a blog. Don’t make me start a petition, as I damn well will if I have to.

  3. Sandra says

    Aw man, that’s awesome!!!

  4. Fruitey_girl says

    Brilliant! I am so jazzed for the muppets and I will be damned if I don’t WANT that chair. Hooray! It as if… I really wanted Cookie Monster to meet my backside. Backside, Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster, Backside.

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