Under the Sea

Decided to take a break from the cold and spend the day hanging out at the aquarium last week, and can I just say, it was fantastic. Nothing like a few hours in a tropical environment to rejuvenate the soul. If it were not for the smell of sea lion poop, it might have been mistaken for a day at the spa.

There is an exhibit of jellyfish going on, which, apparently, I am not supposed to describe as jellyfish as they are not fish.They are Medusozoa. But it is safe to call them jellies. Or sea jellies. Some people call them medusas.

I used to have an English teacher we called Medusa because she had crazy snake hair and was really good at giving the stank eye. Had we known we were also calling her jellyfish I think we would have chosen another name. Like Hosebeast.

Oh wait…

Q: Do you know what a group of jellies is called?
A: A bloom, or a swarm, or a smack. Isn’t that neato? Just once in my life I want cause to yell across the starboard of a luxury yacht, Beware the jelly smack! And everyone will know exactly what I am talking about.

I had seen plenty of science shows on jellies on TV, but seeing them in person was truly amazing. They have no bones, no blood, no heart….but their every move looks not unlike something one might associate with the pumping of blood. Like heart beats. Like swarms of gelatinous, poisons heartbeats dressed in beautiful ballgowns.

If you have never seen jellies in person, I suggest you seek them out sometime soon. Or watch this video for a minute and study how they move. It’s nothing less than incredible.

Any school folks out there looking for a good jellyfish themed craft? Check out this exhibit display of bottle jellies floating from the ceiling. Cool beans.

Very similar to my bottle flowers. You can tell someone made these all white and uniform, but can’t you just imagine them in all colors and sizes hanging from the classroom ceiling? Nifty. Nifty. Nifty.

I think just about anyone with munchkins at home could benefit from a trip to the local aquarium. You never know who you will see…

Heads up: Elmo craft coming up this week. Stay tuned 🙂



  1. Michpacey says

    poisonous ballgowns. you hit the nail on the head. good eye good eye!

  2. Katie says

    The sickest I have ever been in my life was after a jelly”fish” sting. Not good. Beautiful to watch in an aquarium or via video, though!

  3. Michelle L. says

    I adore a good jellyfish! And now that I know they come in smacks, infinitely more fabulous!

  4. joni says

    i think that (jellies)fish looks like elvis – sideburns and everything!

  5. jhall8 says

    hosebeast would have been GREAT! Too bad you hadn’t thought of it back then…you would’ve been so cool!

  6. says

    I just love going to aquariums. These pics are gorgeous!

  7. tracylee says

    Jelly Smacks sounds like the worst breakfast cereal ever 🙂

  8. Kara DeCarlo says

    You’ve talked me into it. I’m taking the kids to the Shedd this weekend.

  9. PeachesFreund says

    You will love it, I promise 🙂 Go early though –the line can get crazy long.

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