Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone who participated in the valentine swap is enjoying their mailboxes these days! These are just a handful of photos of the valentines in circulation right now –aren’t they gorgeous?

Forgive me if I do not identify the source on each one as some folks wished to remain anonymous. Sometimes Valentines Day is a good day for secrets 🙂

PS: If you are expecting/missing your Valentines, keep in mind some are coming from overseas and may be taking a little while longer.
PPS: If you signed up for Valentines and did not send them yet, what are you waiting for? Don’t stew on it and just get something creative in an envelope and out the door! So what if it’s late? The recipient will still be delighted. Now go! 


  1. Buttons McD says

    Oh! I see miiiine. Thanks so much, Peaches, This was fun!

  2. Michelle L. says

    Thanks to Dawn H. for my first arrival – a gorgeous hand-crocheted heart pin! And thanks to PEACHES…three cheers!! These are all a testament to your Valentiney fervor and kindness in arranging the fabulous swappage!

  3. says

    I got my Valentines Aunt Peaches and they are swell! I sent mine with delivery confirmation and according to the post office, they have all been delivered! Thanks for all the fun!

  4. PeachesFreund says

    Indeed they did!!!

  5. bonnie knuckey says

    Aunt Peaches I got a valentine today! YAY! Thank you so much! I’ll post to my blog when I see if I get one tomorrow! Who cares what day they arrive..it’s not a bill and it’s awesome!

  6. Tracy Darlin says

    <3 the valentines, thanks for posting ours!! been having fun checking the mail to be sure!!

  7. Mary Palazzolo says

    I got a beautiful Valentines day table runner, it was the most delightful wonderful thing and my new hubby is so confused by it (he wore it as a cape came Valentines day). Unfortunately, during the massive wedding clean up, the box was thrown out and I wish it wasn’t! I wish I could thank the girl who gifted me such a wonderful gift! If anyone knows her, many many many thanks! All three cards were delightful! Thank you Aunt Peaches for hosting!

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