Fancy Egg Cups for Twelve Cents

As much as I love hanging eggs on my påskris, there are a few special eggs I would like to keep safely on the ground.

Unfortunately for moi, my regular ceramic egg cups went missing in the move, so I improvised with plastic eggs. I always keep lots of them laying around as cat toys for Lola she swats them around and hides them laundry baskets. It’s practically a year round egg hunt up in here.

Plastic eggs come in packets of nine at the local dollars store (hence the title, Twelve Cent Fancy Eggs), although, I imagine you can find plastic eggs just about anywhere right now. Even the corner gas station is selling marshmallow Peeps this week. Do people really enjoy eating Peeps while driving? This sounds dangerous. 

Had I thought about this in advance, I would have bought a packet of those nifty glitter glue sticks and worked in a few sequins. Maybe some rhinestones. Or gold lame. You know, tasteful stuff.

Next year.

In a similar vein: Egg Tuffets, anyone? Or what about these amazing pink and gold egg carton cups?  (I know, she had me at “pink and gold”)

I love these DIY Jonathan Adler-esque vases embellished with puff paint. Hot glue would certainly work too. Get in my house!


  1. tracylee says

    Another use for plastic eggs outside of Easter – cover up those little vent holes with duct tape, fill them with water and freeze them for giant ice cubes. Perfect for bourbon/rocks, since large, round pieces of ice melt differently than small cubes. Or, you know, use them for diet coke.

    Then again, I’m always looking for better ways to do bourbon… 🙂

  2. PeachesFreund says

    Good thinkin! Especially with those jumbo eggs….that could be good.

    Random: Have you ever tried bourbon with ice made from frozen lemonade? It’s almost like a whiskey sour. But better.

  3. Mizz Joe Moxie says

    At first I thought the glue on the cup looked weird. Then I looked again. It’s awesome.

  4. tracylee says

    holy crap that sounds awesome.
    dang lady, you’ve almost got me convinced to start bloggin’ about booze…!

  5. Mitra Pratt says

    Are you a genus! I LOVE this project!!!

  6. says

    I found your blog via apartment therapy, and boy, am I glad that I did! You are flipping hilarious, and I love how all of your projects are bright. I’ll be back later this weekend to peruse your past entries.


  7. says

    Freaking love this. Just got done doing it for our Easter lunch tomorrow. I went the extra step and added all the guests coming initials and it’s pulling double duty as an egg holder AND a place setting with a name! 🙂 Thanks!

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