Kitchen Chronicle: Bag Cache

So here is the thing: I hate plastic baggies.
Yes, they are practical. Yes, they come in handy. Yes, I still use them from time to time…BUT…if I can get the job done with something else, or better – something snazzy, you better believe I am going to do it. And now, after years of avoidance, I have amassed quite a collection; everything from tiny paper French fry bags, to over-sized brown wax paper, to old fashioned red-and-white candy striped paper bags. And that’s just what I keep in easy reach  – you should see where I store the second stringers.
Yes, they cost a bit more than the typical giant box of clear baggies, but not nearly as much as you would think. Especially if you buy in bulk. Plus, packing my lunch is far more appealing when it looks pretty – I imagine they save me some money in that regard.
This cache (is that the term? Bag cache? Or Bag sorter thing? Or Bag thing? Someone needs to come up with a better word)…anyway, this bag thing hangs on the wall above my kitchen counter. Makes for easy grabbing, plus, I can see my beloved fancy bags at all times. They are too pretty to hide.
I made this out of a wooden desk organizer I purchased at Ikea ($14 I think?), painted it, then attached cup hooks to the bottom for hanging measuring spoons. 
That’s another thing that grinds on my nerves: stacking measuring spoons and cups. I’m always too messy to stack them neatly in the drawer, so then they scatter, so then they take up half the drawer and I can’t close it…I know, I know, cry me a river. But you guys, life has been far easier since I started hanging them. You should totally try it. You should also get cute measuring cups. Cooking with cute utensils is far more fun.
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  1. Michelle L. says

    Neato! Great idea to use a desk organizer on yr wall. You stylish luncher, you! The envy of the office when the noon whistle blows.

  2. Kyra Furney says

    This Bag Cache would help organize your things or shop carrier bags in your kitchen. That was a great idea.


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