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Guess what came in my mailbox?  Thank you amazon!

Now that summer reading season is upon us, the prowl for good books has begun. I need something to snack on. Any recommendations? My lit tastes are pretty diverse, so long as it doesn’t include teenage vampires or a Jonas brother.

So what do you say: read anything good lately?


  1. says

    My favorite author at the moment is Geraldine Brooks. She bases her books around a “shard” of real history, like a mysterious Jewish manuscript or a town that chose to isolate itself during the Plague.

  2. Perijae304 says

    all of laurie notaro’s books. they are hilarious. i have a lot of books i refuse to get rid of…but these ones i wont even lend out lol. ive cried a lot reading her books, but only from laughing so hard. also, girls poker night by jill a. davis. good summer reads.

  3. Jenn in the Grove says

    I own Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life! What a wonderful book, lives in a place of special honor in the bookcase my grandfather built. I agree with the other Jennifer, Outlander series is really marvelous. Her writing and research and attention to detail set the bar for me in modern fiction in many ways. If you haven’t trolled past the children’s aisle lately it is always nice to revisit your childhood favorites. I love The Little Princess and The Secret Garden especially. The Dresden Files by Jim Boucher are really interesting and nice in a Guy Noir sort of way. Have fun reading and if worse comes to worse there is always Muppet Crafts…

  4. El says

    Check out Virgins and if you like it there’s a sequel, Girls Forever Brave and True. Can’t remember who wrote them, but parts are snort-out-loud funny, and I was just thinking it’s time for a re-read. You’ll probably need to look them up used, though.

    In more “recent” stuff, Jasper Fforde has a fabulous series starting with The Eyre Affair, if you haven’t discovered it yet. Wordplay to die for.

  5. says

    Hunger Games and the two following it. Loved Hunger Games and have started on the second. Been a while since I found some I REALLY like.

  6. says

    I agree with Dana. I did not think I would enjoy The Hunger Games, but I really got into them.

    If you are a reader of The Bloggess’s blog, her book is a must. It just came out yesterday and is hilarious! If you are not a reader of her blog, you should be. 🙂

  7. Cindy D says

    It’s been out for a while, but The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. Really, really good and a fast read.

  8. Vallen Queen says

    Have you read Louise Penny – she writes about Inspector Gamache in Quebec? or Kate Atkinson who’s Jackson Brodie in Yorkshire is very cool? Mysteries, all – but in a light but in a not-too-girly way.

  9. Vallen Queen says

    whose not who’s

  10. Lacey Bronson says

    The ‘Little House’ series. Easy and engrossing reads!

  11. says

    Just finished ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ It was thrilling! ‘The Glass Castle’ by Jeannette Walls, very moving memoir.

  12. Kara DeCarlo says

    Currently reading Flora Segunda byYsabeau S. Wilce.
    It’s one part sci-fantasy (Like Firefly or something by Neil Gaiman), one part Nancy Drew, a little dash of Hunger Games (in character development & voice), and totally compelling.

  13. Jenlsmith910 says

    Okay; this was just recommended to me yesterday by one of my clients, but she made it sound enticing, so here goes. I don’t know the author, but there’s a trilogy of books that begins with “Fifty Shades of Gray”. It’s snarky, slutty, and apparently one cannot put it down once the pages begin flipping.

  14. says

    oh. i love that book. i have that book.

    i’m reading abraham lincoln, vampire hunter right now (it’s ridiculous.)

  15. Slverria says

    Black Dagger Brotherhood….very well written but very adult.
    Sweep series
    House of Night series

  16. says

    I NEED this book! And you need to read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Novels. They are such a hoot my human used to laugh out loud on a cram packed city bus and subway. Stephanie is a bounty hunter in NJ, she has an ex-hooker partner and cop boyfriend, crazy grandma etc, The first book is One for the Money and I think she is up to 17 in paperback.
    You can get them used cheap on Half.Com

  17. Hushgirl says

    I realize they are written for teens/young adults, but the Hunger Games trilogy is wonderfully written and very engaging – I read the first one in two days, I COULD NOT put it down!

  18. J Engelland says

    Every summer I re read Mary Kay Andrews’ “Savannah Blues” and “Savannah Breeze”. There’s a third book in the trilogy, but it’s a Christmas book. I save that one for December. Everything she writes is good, but those two are my absolute favorites and rekindled my interest in junking and antiquing.

  19. says

    Last summer, my sister introduced me to the Outlander series by Diana Galbaldon. The first book was so consuming I heartily placed it into my “book crack” category. I felt like I needed a 12-step program to detox off the first book – it was that good. It is an interesting genre meld – sci-fi meets romance novel meets historical fiction meets chick lit.

  20. Jaci320 says

    The art of racing in the rain
    It made me laugh, it made me cry. It is on my… “Damn that book was awesome” list.

  21. April says

    The Sound of A Wild Snail Eating

  22. tracylee says

    I saw a lady reading that in the airport – no lie, her jaw was dropped and she kept raising her eyebrows and sighing a lot…
    Guess that means it’s a steamy read, huh?

  23. Michelle says

    a few i read recently that i thought were quite good were
    -the guernsey literary and potato peel society
    -sister by rosamund lupton
    -the thirteenth tale by diane setterfield
    -the shipping news by e. annie proulx
    – the sound of one hand clapping by richard flanagan
    -the thorn birds by colleen mccullough
    so none of them are new new books but i had just read them for the first time and really loved all these ones:)

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