06 April 2012

My House Tour on Apartment Therapy

Quick note to let you guys know you can see my old place over at Apartment Therapy.

I never really did a home tour here on the blog, so if you want to poke around, now is the time!

It's funny, I haven't looked at these photos in six months and I am feeling both bewildered and nostalgic. Who thought a rusty old sink could make you nostalgic?

For anyone who is new to the blog because they linked in through Apartment Therapy, welcome! I am so glad you are here. If you are hunting particular resources (I know you AT people like to do that), you are welcome to hunt the side column or my Pinterest project board, or better yet, just leave a comment and ask me. I'll tell you what I know.  As you will notice, I have a new place! I moved shortly after those photos were taken last fall. I'm now livin' in a whole new breed of crazy. And now, here on the blog, you can watch it play by play! Hooray!

So thanks for stopping by. Come again any time. :)



  1. It's amazing how you managed to put all that stuff in there without having the place look cluttered. I know many people who could learn a thing or two from your decoration skills.

  2. I love it! I want to redo my house now. Hey check this out, I saw this and thought of you http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2012/04/make-a-snake-necklace/

  3. Love what you have done here in your old apartment. Such fun to read about the items on "The Wall" also...just read your blog page from October 5 ,2010 "Like a Rhinestone Groundhog". Just wanted to let you know I have never laughed so hard, in my life, when reading something. Your writing is fantastic, funny, and just so witty and amusing. I loved every word you wrote. Thanks for the laughter. You should write a book...

  4. I absolutely love your flower pillow cases! Where did you get them?!

  5. Everything is just wonderful. There are so many colors to see.

  6. What a gorgeous apartment! I'm so green with envy. I want this in my home in apartments in austin tx.


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