19 April 2012

The Not-So-Somber Sombrero

Courtesy of That Cute Site
Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and I am fixin' up around the house. The holiday also happens to coincide with Lola's birthday, so obviously, it must be unparalleled in cuteness.

I'm thinking sombreros.

1. rainbow  2. sequin sombreros  3. red and green sequin 4. velvet red and green  5. straw with green trim

Wouldn't one of these look festive hanging on the wall year round? What? Too Taco Bell?


  1. When I was a kid my dad came back from a vacation in Mexico with a giant sombrero. Years later a barn swallow built a nest above our front door and immediately laid eggs in it. My mother would not let anyone tear it down because of the baby birds inside, but as you probably know, barn swallows are buttholes. I had to mow the lawn with a giant sombrero on my head all through high scool in order to keep those little bastards from ripping every hair out of my head. So now you know that about me.

  2. I guess we will never get tired of cat pictures. You should make a Lola cat calendar!

  3. I wish we could read the minds of animals. I would love to know what Lola and Mr. Hamster are thinking. I hope they realize how adorable they look.

  4. There is no such thing as too rich, too thin, too chocolatey, or too Taco Bell ... is there?

  5. I'm workin on it!!

  6. Man, that is the living truth.

  7. I may have to turn that into a monthly slogan. Words to live by!

  8. Lola's birthday is the 5th May? Mine too! It is a most excellent day to have a birthday )


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