Friday Flower: Tissue Pom Failure

Confession: I cannot make tissue poms.

Also known as tissue pomanders or fiesta flowers, it’s probably the easiest and most popular, readily available craft idea on the internet, involving nothing more than tissue paper and a simple accordion fold…and yet, I cannot make them.

At least, I cannot make them nice

They come out squashed and torn and look like someone sat on them, or something one might use to scrub feet.

I have a similar relationship with rice. I can’t make a decent bowl of Uncle Ben’s rice to save my life. And believe me I have tried.

Rice hates me.

And so do tissue poms.

Sad face.

But this year, with a major Cinco de Mayo kick in full swing, I am determined to make some colorful tissue flowers. I was going to share them today, but alas, they came out squished, torn and crappy.


Double sad face.

My friend Ana is a kindergarten teacher, who says she can get 5-year-olds to make them as long as she uses waxed tissue, which is sturdier than regular tissue. I’m going to pick some up later today and attempt again this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.  Fingers crossed.

Lola decided to inspect my work. Then she swat it down and tore it up while I was in the bathroom this morning. Seriously? Even my cat disapproves of my tissue pom making skills.

Wish me luck!


  1. Nicki Soller says

    Love Valley Queen’s directions, as my tissue paper flowers leave a tad to be desired, as well. I can help with the rice! After you perfect Uncle Ben’s white fluff, try using the inexpensive appliance for other treats. This recipe is one of my “most hit” blogs:
    The cooker WAS $25 when I purchased enough of them to share with my sons’ families… all the business I send their way must have encouraged a price hike. It can be found here:
    Still lovin’ your sunny blog, Peaches.

  2. Vallen Queen says

    You’re just making the folds too big is all. Fold a fair few sheets (maybe 4-6) in one inch pleats. Secure the middle with a twisty tie, round off the ends with scissors (or points at the ends are cute, too) then slowly and with small lady-like movements, peel each sheet toward the middle. Fouf. The fouffing part is kind of important. You will be an expert at this in no time and be making the best fiesta flowers in the world. remember – fouf.

  3. Ellicia says

    When my sister and I were young, we used to make flowes in the same manner Vallen Queen described but we used Kleenex instead of tissue paper (they give oodles of fouf). They are a little too much in the pastel range for Cinco de Mayo, but we had such fun playing dress-up that Chiquita Banana would have been jealous.

  4. Sweet Posy Dreams says

    When I was in high school, we made tons of these for high school dances in the gym.

  5. Ann says

    This one isn’t so bad. Maybe you need to try crepe paper ones. I like the directions from Vallen Queen. Try it that way, or watch someone else follow the directions.

  6. Springdaleperson says

    Hey Peaches!! I’ve just found my way back to your blog….love, love, love it!!!! As for tissue flowers………..when I was in high school many, many moons ago, every fall we would several thousand light blue and white(school colors) tissue flowers from Kleenex for the schools floats for our homecoming parade. Once I graduated I sore I would never make them again after that however I might rekindle the craft! Thanks for the inspiration and also love your new house!!! Lisa in West Virginia

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