Armadillo Dip

Last week I mentioned how much a wanted to invite you over for margaritas and armadillo dip on the porch. And I meant it. I really would like to have you over and stuff.

However, I did not mean I would be serving you armadillo.

Please rest assured and know that, in my home, no armadillos will be hurt in the name of dip.

See, I had the impression that everyone knew what armadillo dip was. Like it was the peanut butter and jelly of hot dip or something, but apparently this is not the case. It is just me. It has other names to other people, like Rotell Dip or Cheesy Queso.  I don’t know where the recipe originated or what it’s official name is, but I do know this: it’s damn good.

Armadillo Dip
  • One pound of ground meat, browned and seasoned. We always had it with ground beef but I have heard of people cutting back with ground turkey or chicken, or going whole hog with spicy Italian sausage. It’s a matter of preference. All I know is you brown it up and stuff.
  • One brick of cream cheese. Throw it on the hot meat and watch it melt.  (Can I just say how much fun it was to type that sentence?)
  • One to two cans of 2 cans original Rotel diced tomatoes with green chiles. Use one can if you want it super rich, use two cans if you prefer it spicy. You can substitute with a jar of salsa but it’s not the same.  This one occasion when I am 100% brand loyal.

Mix it all together in an extra deep frying pan and serve in a fondue pot or crock pot. That’s it.

Now, you can also use one of those fancy hot dip warmer dishes with the candle underneath, but I am going to make the assumption that if you are fancy enough to own said dish, you are probably too fancy to enjoy a good scoop of armadillo dip. I’m not trying to peg anyone here, I just know a lot about dip and dipping people. This one is a crowd pleaser, but it is not for everyone. It’s a heavy dish but not too heavy to serve in the summer with a basket of homemade chips and a margarita on the porch.

…and while you are on the porch, I highly suggest you indulge in one of life’s greatest pleasures: porch dancing. Here, Abigail and Aunt Meghan will show you how it’s done.

make gif
H A P P Y   W E E K E N D


  1. says

    The porch dance photo was exactly the kind of happy I needed a little of today… 🙂

  2. Elliciawinkleman says

    The original recipe was on the RoTel can and used one pound of Velveeta and a can of RoTel. Your recipe with the cream cheese ups the yummiliciousness a whole nother notch. RoTel also now makes tomatoes with habaneros. This stuff makes some serious queso.

    As for porch dancing, Neil Pasricha needs to add it to his list of 1000 Awesome Things. Happy weekend to you and Abigail.

  3. nutbirds says

    I still have never heard of this. I have lived in the east and midwest, in Japan and Panama. My parents entertained a lot. I also used to read ladies magazines all the time. I don’t think I will make it. I’m not big on dips.
    If you have a really big porch you can roller skate or ride tricycles on it. My grandfather had an 1870’s Victorian house with a big porch. In the summer he would bring out these huge screens that would hook together to make a screened in porch.

  4. Denice says

    I think I love Abigail and Aunt Meghan. ♪♫♥ I hope you dance! ♥♪♫

  5. Eleanor says

    You never cease to make me happy I stopped by.

  6. Laura of So Cal, where porches are hard to find! says

    I have always wanted a porch that big cuz it looks so pretty! Now I must add PORCH DANCING to my list of WHY I want a big front porch!!! Thanks for the HAPPY DANCE!!


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