Christmas in August

There is this high-end antique store that keeps their Christmas decorations out front all year round. I sort of love it. I know some people cannot stand it when their neighbors leave the lights up past New Years, but this place has the chutzpah to leave them up all year round! It’s all fruity and bountiful and evergreen and fabulous. What is not to like?

I say, kudos to them for finding a reason for the season, even if the season is ass hot and smells like Malibu.

My neighbors are sooooo going to hate me come next February.

I’m taking a break through the end of August and posting nothing but pictures… Details here.  



  1. susie carranza says

    i think it looks awesome! makes me want to go in and check it out…

  2. Candace says

    I think it’s fabulous!

  3. Michelle L says

    That display is beauteous! My take on the ornamentroversy: as long as it’s not really strident red-and-green tackiness, leave it up. Peaches, YOUR neighbors are not going to hate you cause your decorations are going to be so fun. Can’t wait to see ’em!

  4. Kara DeCarlo says

    I thought they made multi-colored lights so that we could use them year-round? Of course, I’m already planning my Halloween decor so I may not be the best judge of seasonal appropriateness…

  5. nutbirds says

    NOoooo!! Not unless you are a shop that sells Christmas ornaments year round and are located in a tourist area like Santa Land. This shop could still decorate seasonally with ilex most months and other seasonal plants the other months. April to November should be fresh plants and flowers.

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