The Reluctant Princess Leia

Yesterday was weird.

It was as though everyone I knew could only talk about the same two subjects; hurricanes and Star Wars.  

Did you see that picture of the guy scuba diving in the subway? It will be weeks before my brother can get to work.

What was George Lucas thinking? He sold the Star Wars franchise just so Disney could RUIN IT?

When will those poor people get their power back? No heat? And the tap water is contaminated?

You realize, its only a matter of time until those mousy fuckers turn Leia into a Disney Princess.

Some folks even speculated that the Disney PR people waited to announce the news until a crisis came along to overshadow the outrage. If that were true, it would appear that those PR people do not know Star Wars fans.

This is an odd subject for me. I have numerous friends who are die-hard Star Wars fans. We seem to flock together for no particular reason or common bond.  I’m not sure why, but I do the same thing with Librarians. And people born in early September. We attract each other. It’s weird.

What’s also weird is that, for all my Star Wars exposure, I have never even seen a Star Wars movie. Not one. My mother made me a Princess Leia costume because she liked the movie so much, although she thought I was too young to see it. That did not stop her from going back to the theater to see it two more times by herself. For “costume analysis” purposes, of course.

It was white muslin and the gold tassel belt was a curtain sash. I had no idea what I was supposed to be wearing, but I knew it was cute and that was good enough for me.

Happy Halloween, you guys.


PS: Anyone need a last minute festive touch for candy distribution? I made this last year — tape some rubber gloves to a tray or box lid, then line with tissue paper and candy. Just do it. You are fun like this and you know it.

Can I just tell you something? I bought those purple candies thinking I would be all cool and hand out Reeses Peanut Butter goodies because those were my favorite as a kid. Problem is they are my favorite as an adult. They never make it to the kids on the 31st.

What sort of candy are you handing out? Good & Plenty? Tootsie Rolls? Snickers?

Or are you that house that hands out raisins? It’s OK if you are. I won’t judge. At least not while you are looking.


  1. Aubrey Tate says

    I just found your blog via Peacoats and Plaid. I love this post! I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan and recently posted a DIY Star Wars project. 🙂 I’m really torn on the whole selling to Disney bit. Was it a bad move? Was it really to “pass on the reigns” or to get the immense amount of money? I ask myself these questions and just don’t know. I guess wait and see I must. 🙂

    Also love your photo and all of your DIY projects. I’m a big DIYer! Oh and a librarian, which I had to mention because of your comment about attracting librarians. 🙂

    Project Lovegood

  2. PeachesFreund says

    I keep hearing about the first three movies. I’m thinking of taking the day after Thanksgiving to do nothing but make ornaments and watch all three in a row. I’ll let you know if it happens!

  3. PeachesFreund says

    Side note — I keep hearing about how George Lucas needs Cash, but he is dating that financial planning lady that is always on TV. Melody something (?). Maybe she told him it was time to cash out before his stock dropped (so to speak).

  4. says

    You look FABULOUS in your Princess Leia costume Aunt Peaches! And you do have her kick ass spirit too! You MUST see the first 3 movies that came out….classics!!
    Lucas must have been thinking “jeez, do I need the money!!!!

  5. Kara DeCarlo says

    We handed out dum dums because I’m still bitter about last year’s raid on my candy stash by a hoard of middle schoolers while we were out trick or treating with the kiddos. Also, if there is chocolate in the house, I will eat it. And then I will wonder about my amazing shrinking pants.
    Also, I’m going back to school to be a librarian, so no wonder I love your blog!

  6. PeachesFreund says

    Oh my goodness. I hadn’t thought about dum-dums in 15 years!

  7. nutbirds says

    You are the cutest princess EVER! I would attempt to recreate that look if I were you.

  8. Paula in Calgary, Canada Eh? says

    I, um, bought $150 of candy, that’s after getting it at 75% off, on November 1 last year. I don’t eat chocolate as I developed a sensitivity to caffeine 11 years ago. Yeah, sucks to be me. Any way I made sure to buy ALL chocolate so I wouldn’t eat any. I stored it in a big plastic bin and my husband put some in his lunches. I kept a small bowl on the coffee table for guests to munch on. My family are polite, well mannered people but when they come to my house and see food they are hoovers! They ate ALL the candy in less than 4 months. Hoovers. Gotta love them.

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