But I’m praying just the same

I was going to post something about Halloween costumes today but that feels awfully irrelevant right now. As I sit here watching the news, gawking at the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, it occurs to me that there are other things to worry about than dressing up like Sexy Big Bird
Color me humbled.
So many of you who read this blog are located right in the path of danger. If you are one of them, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you right now and I hope you will tell me, and all of us, what we can do to help.
Then again, if you just survived a hurricane, you probably have Helluva lot better things to do than read a craft blog.
But I’m praying just the same.


  1. PeachesFreund says

    Glad to hear it! I’m glad we are on the same boat 🙂

  2. PeachesFreund says

    Glad you hear you are doing well!

  3. nutbirds says

    Why thank you sweetie! My family has been without electricity, cable, TV, and heat etc since yesterday. We did add a gas cooktop this summer, so they can cook. They also have a cooler of ice and several bathtubs full of water. Our generator is on order. Trader Joe’s lost power at 3AM, so they will have to clean out before they can reopen. I’m not sure they got power back yet. It’s amazing that there were not more fatalities. I just saw on 20/20 that storm-chasers came as far as Oklahoma to see the storm. Weird.

  4. Erin Toews says

    I live in Newark, NJ & survived the hurricane. Granted, we did not have it as bad as other parts of Jersey, let alone the rest of the East Coast. Thank you for your prayers! http://www.ketoews.blogspot.com

  5. Stacy Saathoff says

    I think a Halloween costume will cheer people up. Maybe tomorrow? Thanks for posting a link to the American Red Cross too…such a great organization.

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