31 October 2012

A Good Use for Leftover Paint

I hate wasting paint. I'm trying to get better about letting go of unnecessary things, but paint feels like such a luxury. Wasting it, even a drop of the cheap stuff, makes me nervous. To counter this problem,  I pair my leftover paint with my leftover shopping bags and presto-chango I am ready for gift wrapping at any time!

Okay, I lied. That part about leftover shopping bags is only half-true. Sometimes I buy packages of plain white bags at my local dollar store for this express purpose. But I still save gobs of money in the long run, so, I'm okay with that.

I would also like you to note that I use leftover egg cartons as paint pallets. If you are sensing a theme here (and hearing the theme song to Hoarders), you are not alone.

I happened to have some Hanukkah stickers in easy reach so I used them, but you could certainly use whatever you like. In the top image, on the big bag, I used those office label dot things. Use whatever you have around or your kiddos are willing to forgo. When I was a kid I didn't share my sticker collection with anyone. ANYONE I TELL YOU.

Sweet Valley High, I have such a thing for patterned tissue paper. It makes everything look better. Simple patterns like dots and stripes are my favorite, especially with an abstract bag like this. I'm considering buying a carton of leopard print tissue to get me through the holidays. This place has the best stuff. 

Not into painted bags? Use envelopes. They are just as fun.



  1. What a great idea! I would love for you to share on my linky party, my readers will LOVE this idea. http://www.fivelittlechefs.com/2013/01/fantastic-thursday-27.html

  2. Lovely concept, but argh, I need to clarify something: the difference between PALLET, PALETTE, and as we're on the subject, PALATE. I am a winemaker and a craftster, and I have to deal with these words all-of-the-time, and it drives me crazy how often people misuse them.

    PALLET is the wooden contraption that forklifts use as platforms, as in "Let's pile those cases of wine on a PALLET".

    PALETTE is a tool that painters use to spread all their colors, as in "I use leftover egg cartons as paint PALETTES".

    PALATE is a synonym of taste, as in "After that heavy Zinfandel, I need to clean my PALATE".

    Aaahhhhh...... I feel better now.

  3. "the theme song to Hoarders" :D :D :D ... me too! My husband doesn't even ask "Why?" anymore when I tell him "save your water bottles!" "don't throw away that mayonaise jar!" "keep that parmesan cheese container!" "save all the creamer bottles - I'm making snowmen outta them!" & now I'm gonna have to keep the ever growing collection by the kitchen sink so I'll remember to wipe the paint brush off on something I can use later ! :D

  4. Ha! I just saw something on pinterest about reading the lids of Parmesan cheese jars for something else. What was it.....hmmm....

  5. Uline.com has about the same tissue paper prints, but at a few dollars less. They also have a black toile, but no pink leopard. I have a junky kids chair that I use my extra paint on. You could try things like wooden kleenex box covers. I still have some of those to decorate. Why don't you cut a potato when you start painting, then you can make potato prints in all the colors?

  6. Oh my goodness....I order stuff from Uline for work. I never noticed the fun stuff. Uh oh....

  7. Just notice the tag line underneath the title. I think you are the Auntie Mame of Craft Blogs. More fitting.

  8. Peaches, I would saved old gift cards from work, and I always had a stack nearby when painting. I'd paint them with the leftovers before rinsing my brush! They made neat backgrounds later for a variety of projects. Sometimes I'd use plain tissue paper instead. It ended up too stiff to fluff in a bag, but was great for backgrounds. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this kind of thing! I am so using your gift bag idea. Thanks!


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