Apple Orchard Centerpiece: Dramatic and Dirt Cheap

There is some scared cow of a rule about table centerpieces being no higher than 14″ so your guests can converse easily without obstruction.

I say screw it.

I say, keep the base short but add all the tall wispy things you can without poking someone’s eye out.


Tall wispy things don’t obstruct anyone’s view and they add a little drama. Stuff like this makes people feel special. Like they sitting down to something to remember.

I like that.

To make this, I just cut some stems off a bush in the yard. I’m not really sure what kind of bush it is, but I know I see them everywhere. They are especially popular in parking lots and along the sides of banks. Am I wowing you with my knowledge of horticultural splendor?

Bottom line is, I’ll bet you can find some wispy green branches around somewhere. Just make sure they have a firm stem.  Then, when you find them, pile up some old apples from the bottom of your pantry and make a hole in each one with a sharp knife….insert a branch in each hole and Shanana – Rama Ding Dong, you have something fabulous.

It’s like eating dinner in an apple orchard.

I like to sit in each seat for a second and adjust the branches, making sure every guest has clear eyeshot of everyone at the table.

Note the gold glitter plates. Those are coming up tomorrow. Get excited!


  1. says

    Once, for a pizza dinner party, I crafted a leaning tower of pizza from egg cartons. My late husband was dismayed because it was so tall that you couldn’t see over the top to visit across the table. Finally, he got up and removed it. But it was reallly cool.

  2. Guinnevere G says

    Could you tell me more about the candles? What are they nestled in… not tissue paper, surely?

  3. PeachesFreund says

    Wax paper. They are glass bottles wrapped in wax paper. I was moving them yesterday and thinking they would make a nifty alternative menorah — I should do a quick tutorial. Stay tuned…

  4. says

    Love this! I don’t really do entertaining all that much, but I do enjoy centerpeices changing on the table. I am SO trying to use what is here and accessable, instead of purchasing new stuff. Enjoy your posts and ideas!

  5. The Governor's Daughter says

    Great idea and simple. I have some apples right now that aren’t particularly my favorite so I will make them into a centerpiece! Thanks Peaches-

  6. Jamie Seibert says

    DEFINITLELY doing this!!! I love the green tinted wine glasses too. And I’ll be making the glitter plates although not for me, for my 2 best friends who share a birthday that was over a month ago and I still haven’t sent them gifts.

  7. PeachesFreund says

    Dude, the green tinted glasses are from Dollar Tree. Love them. Nice quality too. Some people are snobs about wine in clear glass only….but i love ’em!!


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