Happy Weekend

Glitter and candles are two of my favorite things. I didn’t think it was possible to like either one of them more than I already do, then pa-pow, I see them together. They are loving in each other and I am loving on them. It’s a glittering love triangle.

Dude, that’s just like Twilight!

One of my favorite readers, Kara, did a tutorial on a similar candle votive project on her blog — check it!

…Speaking of Twilight — the last movie is out this weekend, right? Anyone going? I am so behind on pop culture these days. This is very unlike me. I blame it on Honey BooBoo. And Downton Abbey. And the return of Trapped in the Closet (Chicago people: there is a midnight singalong tonight!)

Happy Weekend 🙂


  1. miznelliebellie says

    glitter and candles are a match of perfection.

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