Bramble Patch: January 2013

A list of my favorite internet distractions from the month of January. 

Two words: Confetti Bowl. I am making this. I am soooooo making this.

I had planned to write a post on my top ten favorite camera phone tips/tricks/apps. But then I found THIS POST and I’m all, Ughh, this is waaaaay better than what I could have produced!

Does your house get dry in winter? Mine sure does. This is a simple (and delicious) way to perk things up.

A Valentine care package? And it’s super cute? Why, thank you.

Speaking of Valentines…let them eat cake. Awesome cake. Awesome mailable cake.  

Fifty percent of the time I check in on Twitter, it’s to see if Anti Joke Cat has posted anything new.

A mother’s prayer, courtesy of Tina Fey.

My other baby, I Believe in Strangers, is chugging along. Anyone who has ever struggled with job hunting will appreciate this one.

Reading: Fraud by David Rakoff.

Watching: Downton Abbey. But isn’t everyone?

Munching: Homemade chicken soup. I would like to declare that everyone around me is sick but me. BUT ME. This is the healing power of an old fashioned chicken boil!

Listening: Radical Face, Always Gold.

Wearing: This parka. It took me 14 years of living in cold weather to break me down into buying a fugly old snow parka…but now Parka and I are besties. She is always warm, wind proof, waterproof, has 7 enormous pockets so I don’t even need a purse half the time, AND she comes with built-in fingerless gloves (great for driving or phone doodling). Holy crap I love this coat.

Most popular post this month: Sexy Men Who Knit.

Moment in cat history: Lolabelle has taken to keeping warm under the covers of the bed. I am petrified I will accidentally sit on her.



  1. says

    the confetti bowl is cute but I’m not sure I need one.However, after spending a half hour in the glorious mecca that is Pier 1, I’ve decided I need to try that confetti mirror.

    Also, I just read some of anti-joke cat’s “jokes” to my roommate and she thinks I’m weird.

  2. miznelliebellie says

    in agreement about your most popular post…it was eyecandy. Knitting and men…together…as one. sigh.

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