Organizing with Can Caddies

I had plans to do stuff this weekend but then a three-part, 12 hour Anne of Green Gables marathon came on TV.

Well, there went my day.

Since my butt was glued to the couch I made use of my time by sorting out some bins and boxes that only required partial attention. Because, I mean, how was I going to dedicate brain power to a project when Anne and Gil were on TV?

Piggybacking on the Ten Minute Marker Caddy I made from cardboard tubes last year, I thought I would apply that same concept to some other long and skinny items in need of organizing. In the kitchen I used empty cans and an old square basket to corral kitchen utensils. This opened up THREE drawers. Considering there are only four working drawers in my whole kitchen, that’s a big deal! 

…Speaking of other stuff taking up too much drawer space: make up. Lots of it. For someone who doesn’t wear much makeup on a daily basis, I have way too much of it. I got rid of half of it this weekend, and it’s still too much, but at least now it will all be in easy access. That tube of lipstick will be used far more often now that it is no longer stuck in the back of a drawer.

If you didn’t know, if there is one thing in my home that is always in abundance, it’s empty cans of Diet Coke. I use them for lots of things, but for this project I used those baby Diet Coke cans that are soooooo cute. They are the perfect size for sorting tubes of mascara, lipstick, eyeliners, tweezers, and such. They will be easy to wipe down if they get dusted with power, and I can move them to another container if/when my collection grows again.

I keep my makeup on what I call The Frosting Table.

Frosting is how I describe all the stuff that goes on the outside of the cake;  makeup, hair, jewelry, scarves, accessories…you get the idea. My theory is, it doesn’t matter how the cake is baked as long as the frosting looks good, which is really just a fancy way of me giving myself permission to if wear pajamas to work as long as I am wearing a great scarf and big earrings.

Okay, so those are two things I am now organizing in cans; what could you do with them? Paintbrushes? Junk mail? Spices? Cleaning supplies? I just know someone will have a better idea than me!


  1. Thea says

    Really, Peaches, a SCARF with pajamas?! Everyone knows it’s a TIARA with pajamas, a SCARF with baby dolls.

  2. Fil says

    Pyjamas, scarf and big earrings lmao! Go girl – you make me laugh!! I’m going right this minute to dig out all the old jars and cans that I’ve been saving for some hitherto unknown reason – they’ll make those boring IKEA dividers a lot more interesting 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  3. Penelope Gelwicks says

    Now that is Clever with a capital “C.” We’re working on getting our house organized (just moved and renovated).

  4. Jazzmin says

    But counter space is precious real estate! They do look good, though

  5. PeachesFreund says

    I guess I am one of the folks that has more counter space and not enough drawers.

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