20 November 2013

Five New Ways to Use Tinsel Garland

There are two kinds of people in this world; people who like tinsel garland, and people who need to start liking tinsel. There are also people who claim they can't keep it in the house because they don't want to pull it out of a dog butt come New Years (valid concern), so with that in mind, I'm offering up a few alternative ideas, some of which will keep this sparkly wonder out of harm's way.

I know you want this.
How about a tinsel purse to wear at your next holiday party? This one cost $1 to make and is the surest conversation starter you will ever keep in your closet.

 Not so big on purses? What about a lantern? You need one of these too. It's a little drag queen (and a lot of awesome). This one also turns into Elmo, but you can keep him sans monster if you prefer.

 Or, say, here is an easy one...
 Here is something you can use to thicken up any Christmas tree, wreath or garland. Just take long strand of the tinsel garland and cut it into 3" pieces, and BAM, it's an ornament! Actually, it's a tuffet that doubles as an ornament (which is even better).
And how about these babies? Just pop a little tuffet inside a clear ball and hang on the inner branches for extra reflective razzle-dazzle. These also feel very retro astro to me, for some reason. If I had one of those trendy mid-century Mad Men style trees I would try doing this with some vintage bronze toned tinsel. Swingin.' Far out.   
 And last but not least, good gift wrap. You can snaz up any old gift wrap with a bit of tinsel. Although, this giftwrap features Aunt Myrtle and looks pretty snazzy already.
Do you have a fun new way to use tinsel garland? Tell me about it!



  1. I love the tinsel purse and the clear ornament ideas!

  2. You can wrap the tinsel on the top of those round ornaments and fill them with glitter, snow, small toys or paint. Glue tinsel to a headband for an accessory, use double-sided tape or movable spray adhesive to add a tuffet to a plain pair of shoes, use it in a vase instead of stones or glass beads to hold greenery. Take 4 long strands (or more) slightly longer than your table and weave one long contrasting coloured garland back and forth along it to create a table runner. Make a bird's nest out of garland and fill it with pretty feathers and ball-style ornaments as a centerpiece. Most of these ideas came to me throughout the years because I just stopped for a minute with the garland in my hand looking for something that worked. I can't tell you how many times I have draped tinsel on or in something, taken it down, tried another thing, taken it down and spent hours arranging and re-arranging before finding something I like. No matter how silly or seemingly tacky something might turn out, trying it can only make you laugh at yourself which is a very healthy past-time and might end up being that piece that everyone talks about all through the holidays.

  3. I have never been big on tinsel, but these projects look pretty fun.

  4. Hey Peaches, saw these and thought of you!!!! I really love the colors of the first wreath.

  5. I should start a list of things I've pulled out of my dog's butt. And then another list, things I didn't have to pull out that came out by themselves. Like the remote control. Total eaten. Ann

  6. Hey Peaches, I found this and thought of you....http://www.giverslog.com/?p=11365

  7. Love your tinsel ornaments - so creative and fun! Just wanted to let you know I featured it in my roundup of glass ornament crafts here. Feel free to check it out if you want and hope you like it! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  8. The tinsel in the glass ornaments is my favorite! Very cool :)


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