Greetings from the pile of crusty tissues on the nightstand.

Sorry to be MIA, yal. I picked up a nasty respiratory infection on vacation. Woot!

And even though writing blog posts requires little more than an internet connection, I am currently using my bandwidth for critically important things. Like cat videos.

Did you ever wonder what it would look like if Dick Cheney and Cookie Monster had a baby?

Thought so.

Sometimes when a new cat video finishes I take a study break to search my symptoms again on Web MD, secretly hoping it will tell me I have some illness with an exotic name to match my current state of grossness. Ideas;

figgy sluice syndrome
lung thrush
turgid pneumonitis

walking corpse syndrome

Actually, that last one is a real thing. It’s called Cotard’s syndrome. It’s when people think they are zombies but they are not. Not yet, at least. I know. Doesn’t that make you feel perky?

Welp. I’ll get back on track soon, but in the meantime I’m taking suggestions on the Netflix front. Any recommendations? Multi-episode mini-series especially. Brownie points for anything non-American and/or obscure and/or involving cool costumes. Or Benedict Cumberbatch. Or cat videos.

Gtg. I’m boiling a chicken.



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    Feel better. I’d recommend Four Lions (hits 2 or 3 of the bonuses), Luther, and Misfits. The latter if you like somewhat crazy sci-fi plots, although it might only be on Hulu.

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    I have to second Luther and Misfits. I just finished Luther and I’m *dying* for more. So good.
    It’s American, but House of Cards was great and the second season is coming out in February. And of course Orange is the New Black!

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      I am on a House of Cards Countdown! I actually watched the original British version from the 1990’s. Fascinating.

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    Feel better soon 🙂
    I’ve been down with respiratory ickiness for a week and during that time I’ve watched both seasons of Dead Like Me. It’s quirky and fun. I use Amazon, though, so I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix.

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      Oh yes. Great show. I watched that when it was first on TV. No idea why they canceled. If Mandy Patinkin is in it – I’m on it!

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    Feel better soon! And thank you for staying home when you are ill. So many people drag themselves to public places and give this to the rest of us. I’m really old (65) and probably like movies you wouldn’t, so I won’t bother you with a list. I like romances so I can see what I missed when I was young.

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      Agreed. If you are ill and can stay home — stay home!!

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    I loved the British series Whitechapel…it’s on Amazon, not sure about Netflix. No Benedict Cumberbatch (yum), but it does have Rupert Penry-Jones & I just LOVE a hyphenated last name on a man. 😉 Feel better soon!

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      Whitechapel?? The name alone makes me think I’ll like it. And I’m with you on the British dudes with slightly eccentric and hyphenated last names — hayo!

  6. Anonymous says

    Sounds like you and I have had near identical weeks. I’m on sick day #6. Sherlock is back on BBC. You can watch it with a VPN like Tunnel Bear.

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      WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT??? It’s another week until it comes here?!?!?!
      *explosion of crusty tissues in the air*

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    It was originally a BBC series that didn’t do well, and Starz here in the States picked it up (here’s hoping it’s had enough love to make more seasons, all though it was a miniseries, sad panda): The White Queen. Fantastic, fabulous, drool-worthy King Edward… *le sigh*

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    Hope you feel better! I’ve found drinking a little bit of apple cider vinegar helps cure me of such ailments!
    Not sure if you have Hulu plus, it may be on the regular hulu though. The show Moone Boy with Chris O’dowd, is wonderful, set in 1980’s ireland following a little boy and his imaginary friend, great accents, funny people, I guarantee you will like it!

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      YUSSS. I adored Moone Boy! I hear they are already making a season 3 but season 2 has yet to come to the US. I should google that again — thanks for the reminder.

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    If you can find The Last Enemy mini-series it’ll hit your British/Cumberbatch buttons. Also, 40 something has a baby Benny & bonus Hugh Laurie!

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    If you haven’t seen Peep Show, I’d recommend it. No fancy costumes, but it’s dry, ever-British and there are eight seasons!

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    Loved the Swedish series Annika Bengstrom and Wallander. Both are crime-based and you would probably like if you liked Luther. And a sleeper from the UK is The Fall w Gillian Anderson. All excellent! Feel better!

  12. Anonymous says

    Mighty Boosh, especially season 2 or Green Wing if they’re available.

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    You’ve turned me on to some great Netflix.. but maybe you haven’t seen The Fall.. Gillian Anderson, psychological thriller series. But it ends at season 1. Oh crap, cause it’s so good!
    And Life in a Day, a kind of view of life on the twenty-fourth of July, 2010 (also on Netflix). I consider this one a must see of personal stories all done on that day. Anyway, I really hope you feel better.

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      Okay, I just watched The Fall last night. Whole thing. One sitting. Yes, it was great but the ending…wtf? Was that an ending? Or did they just run out of cash and stop production? I feel slightly cheated. But yes, it was great — thanks for the rec!

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    Hope you feel better soon! I have a recommendation for you that totally had me enthralled. No Benedict I am afraid but awesome anyway. French miniseries called “The Returned”. Bloody brilliant!

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      I’m with Brooke. Hubby and I watched The Returned (aka Les Revenants.) Season 2 comes out in November. Subtitled but easy to follow. LOVED it.

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    Bletchley Circle! (And if you like that maybe Land Girls or Bomb Girls) Feel better Peaches! K

  16. Lisa says

    Not exotic, but a little quirky….Grimm.

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    Aw, poor you! I hope you feel better soon! House of Cards, Top of the Lake (I think it’s on Netflix), Rectify (that might be Sundance). Top of the Lake and Rectify are both a little dark, though I prefer to think of them as “murky.” But hopefully you’ll be out and about before you have time to get through even one series. xx

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      I loved Top of the Lake so I’ll be sure to try Rectify.

  18. Susie in Sacramento says

    poor Peaches! I’m also going to suggest Wallander (UK), Top of the Lake, and The Fall. Plus The Fall has a psychopathic Jaimie Dornan, so who can say no? and Bletchley Circle is fantastic, kind of like if Sherlock himself was morphed into a bunch of crazy-smart women. Hope all the boiled chicken and British accents aid your recovery!!

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      I have seen/loved all of these but Wallander, so I think Wallander and I will have to get together tonight. You have good taste.

  19. Anonymous says

    A marathon of CALL THE MIDWIFE is good for what ails you.

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    You should definitely try “The Returned”. It’s a French series (+1 for non-american) and it’s quite obscure (+1 again). In a small town, dead people reappear as if nothing ever happened. They are alive and normal and just as they had been before they died. It’s a billion miles from zombie series, no gore scene, nothing. Just a bunch of people being somewhere between completely puzzled to utterly scared. I’ve watched 2 episodes just today and tough of your post. Have fun!

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    Lilyhammer is the current obsession in our house. Imagine the Sopranos moving to Norway. Hilarious!

  22. says

    Lilyhammer is the current obsession in our house. Imagine the Sopranos moving to Norway. Hilarious!

  23. Anonymous says

    Scott and Bailey (British crime series with two women cops!) which is serious.
    Getting On, British series about caregivers, although there is a new American one out now. Hilarious, and especially so because it’s so true, being a caregiver myself, it hits a few things right on the mark. The American one is not as funny, but maybe because they are repeating the same story lines, or maybe because the ladies in the Brit one are more funny.
    Derek: A Ricky Gervais series about an autistic man who volunteers in a long term care home. It’s poignant and funny at the same time. I cry AND laugh, because that is all so true too. Gervais hits the mark on human nature EVERY time even though some of it is hilariously funny. There has been a lot of flack for him because he was accused of making fun of autism, but he isnt making fun of it at all. He shows the thought and feeling behind the show and really plays an autistic man with great truth and compassion. You need to watch this. It brings a whole new understanding to autism as well as long term care. Bring more tissues. Love Rook xox

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      Isn’t Derek funny? Nobody seems to know about it, which is baffling bc it’s so funny and easy to relate to. Must be an awkward show to promote, I suspect.

  24. Anonymous says

    “Let them have cake” Miniseries, BBc production, French revolution themed, British humor with historic backup. Baroque costuming included.
    So obscure it might not be on Netflix!

  25. says

    The Crimson Petal and the White…’s amazing but not in a pretty way. I was blown away by the casting….costumes….and sheer willingness to go there.

  26. Anonymous says

    Hit & Miss – Chloe Sevigny as a transgender hitperson. In Ireland.
    Vallen Queen

  27. says

    Pushing Daisies is my absolute fave. I feel like considering your decor style, you would dig this.
    Another good one is Wonderfall. Sadly both were cancelled, but still…they rock

  28. Mikaela says

    The Master Mystery! Endeavor miniseries is pretty good. I was just sick, and spent a day watching those. A younger Detective Morse and opera and gray English skies and murder mysteries… all good things, in my book.

  29. says

    I second Pushing Daisies! If I could live in one fictional tv-world, it would definitely be Pushing Daisies world. The costumes and sets are perfecto!

  30. says

    Hope you’re feeling better! Call the Midwife is delightful. British accents, great costumes, a historical look at women’s medicine and zany nuns. What more could you ask for?

  31. Eva says

    I second Pushing Daisies too ! It’s my favorite show, it’s quirky, colorful and described as forensic fairy tale I think you ‘d like it !

  32. Anonymous says

    Just wanted to say just found your site and so happy I did I have spent 2 days and hours looking thru everything. THANK YOU for your inspiration. Also give Lola a hug for me. I have had several cats a lot grumpy over the last 20 years that have come mostly from off the streets. Beautiful people. May God Bless you and Lola through this year. Mammy

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      Thanks so much! I’m glad you are here. Lola is happy to have a new friend 🙂

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