No-Sew Flying Spaghetti Monster

Know what’s cuter than a cute dog? A cute dog dressed like spaghetti.

Yup. It’s happening!
Kiki’s dog Abraham is one of those dogs that never stops moving. I think it’s a terrier thing. Jumping, dancing, hugging, wiggling, kissing the mailman, barking orders at the squirrels. Weird thing – he likes wearing clothes. He doesn’t even like it when you take his collar off. I think this goes back to his time in a shelter when the only time a collar came out was when a human would come to take him for walks or give him attention. I think he associates wearing things as a public mark that says I BELONG.

Okay. That’s me projecting my Lady and the Tramp pseudo-psycology on my friend’s dog. But you know what? I know what I know. And I know Abraham loves clothes, especially the ones that make him look extra adorable.

I mean…

I’ll have to get my video camera out so you can see the spaghetti wiggle with him. It’s pretty spectacular. And the cool thing about this costume is that it was inexpensive and came together in under an hour. Sure, this is a dog costume, but there is no reason you couldn’t take this to human size. OR EVER BETTER: make one for doggy and human to wear together.

That’s not weird at all.


You’ll need…
-Red or White base coat or sweatshirt (Abe donated his old coat to the cause)
-Brown yarn
-White yarn (extra thick blanket yarn is nice)
-Hot glue
-Pom-pom maker (optional)
Have you ever used a pom-pom maker? I grew up making pom-pons and tassels the old-fashioned way (just wrap yarn around a small book or piece of cardboard) and they are great, but I saw a woman at a craft fair demonstrating how to use a pom-pom maker and I was stunned, stunned, how nice and round her pom-poms came out. These really do look like little meatballs.

I hot glued some rough spirals shaped to the coat, which is a red fleece base. If you are ever considering making a costume with this method I highly suggest pairing it worth polar fleece. It takes to hot glue like peanut butter to jelly. I don’t know why that is, but it is. Those two love each other!

After the white spaghetti yarn was down I attached a few brown pom-pons, and that was that. Look how cute it came out!


Abe is sending you and yours spaghetti wishes and meatball dreams for a very happy Halloween!

This post is made possible thanks to Michael’s. Join me and the other Michael’s makers in creating costumes for those we love!

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  1. says

    wow peaches! new digs. i thought i was at the wrong blog for a second… major overhaul. i can’t wait to check it out some more.
    and the spaghetti and meatball costume is a crack up. abraham looks like he loves it…ha!

    • aunt peaches says

      Thanks Jennifer! The biggest part of the overhaul is on the back end, and still in progress, but I’m glad you stuck around!

  2. Debbie R. says

    Cute idea! BTW, love the new website. Quite polished, but not stuffy… perfect.

    • aunt peaches says

      Thanks! It’s a work in progress. It’ll be another week until I’m happy with it, but I’m glad you dig it 🙂

  3. Shayne says

    I love it! Now I want all the trick or treaters to be dogs this year.

  4. Lesley Walker says

    I love this! Normally I hate to see animals dressed up, but he obviously loves it. How wonderful. such fun! blessings from the UK

  5. Kristen says

    Best dog (and costume) ever!

  6. Karen says

    Cute, but my dumb furbaby would eat the yarn. Like your new web design.

  7. Dana says

    Adorable! You can see what a great personality little Abraham has.

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