Michael’s Dream Tree Reveal

Hohoho, happy Halloween hangover! Or as some call it, “Day of the Dead” or in my house, “Day the Christmas Music Takes Over My Spotify.”

Now. I’m usually pretty anxious to bust out the holiday cheer early in the year, but this is the earliest I’ve ever had a tree up. And, actually, it’s not my tree. It’s Michael’s tree. Michael’s Dream Tree. It’s part of their promotion to let everyone know their artificial trees will be 50% off November 2-8. So. Since today is November 1st, that’s only a day’s notice. So don’t be telling me I’m wayyyyy too early, because actually, I’m almost late!

Tree event creative

Michael’s was kind enough to send me the tree plus a gift card to buy ornaments. I didn’t tell them I need more ornaments like I need a hole in the head, or that I already own four full size trees, because let’s be honest, this was great excuse to go crazy and do the thing I never do, which is, BUY DECORATIONS. Buying stuff to make decorations? Yes. Buying readymade decorations? Not really. A few years ago it was part of my job to set up Christmas trees for other people, but the budget was usually non-existent, so I never got to do the shopping. This…this was like being a kid in the candy store!

My friend Kiki was talking about not putting up a tree this year because it was too much fuss, so when I was picking up materials, I grabbed stuff I knew she would like – lot’s of neutrals. Burlap. Gold. Moss green. I thought if she saw the tree all done up and liked it, she might change her mind about putting up a tree, and sure enough…she saw it and she liked it. She liked it so much the whole tree is moving to her place next weekend and I’ll put up another one. Ha! How’s that for recycling?

Two things you would not know to look at this tree.

  1. There are no ornaments! Yet. Some glitter pinecones tiuked in here and there, but no ornaments. I designed it to be something that could stand on it’s own, or as the perfect backdrop to a lifelong collection of family ornaments –vacation souvenirs, or first-grade art projects. A “storybook tree” as they call it. Michael’s carries some great woodland/burlap/woodsy Christmas supplies, which pair beautifully with glitzy gold (because you know my sparkle tooth needed a fix!), so it was easy to hit all the bases. I can’t wait to see this tree after it’s done up even more. 
  2. Besides the tree (which was provided by Michael’s) (and is 50% off this week), everything you see here cost less than $100. Probably closer to $50 if you play the sales right. Decorating a 7’ tree this lush and abundant looking for under $100 retail is pretty swell. More deets on that in a couple weeks!


Check out what some of the other Michael’s Maker’s did with their dream trees…

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  1. ann says

    Now I really want to decorate a Christmas tree! Yours is so pretty!

    • aunt peaches says

      Thanks Ann 🙂 If you want to do up a tree, I say go for it!!!

  2. says

    Imma need a tutorial on how you do your decorator mesh. I am thinking of using some for our tree this year, but I have no idea how to make it look like not a mess.

    • aunt peaches says

      Dude. I know. Shannon was saying something last week about how much she dislikes deco mesh and I was stunned. Deco mesh is magic! I’ll do some photos in a couple weeks, but I watched this video a while back — very helpful – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA8ylJWzzVc

      The trick seems to be the “tumbled” look….not so much stripes or garlands.

  3. says

    So much to love, and not even ornamented yet! A perfect backdrop. I esp like the branches of green leaves sticking out.

    • aunt peaches says

      Those branches are fake ficus leaves (spray painted gold). Who knew, right?

  4. says

    BEAUTIFUL…this almost makes me want to put up a tree this year….

  5. Laurinda says

    I don’t think I’ll be putting up a tree this year. We had to adopt our son’s cats last year, & they really damaged my tree last year. I just don’t think that I’m up for anything more than a ceramic one, because I don’t *think* they can harm it 🙁 I will miss the super bright LEDs & bright colored ornaments

  6. Erik says

    I love it! It is perfect the way it is! And adding ornaments will just make it all the more perfect!

  7. Deb in Oklahoma says

    Ooh, it’s so bright and shimmery! My office has several trees we decorate (big and small), so I’m thinking this may be an idea for one of them. Pine cones and gold deco mesh? Done and done! Thanks for the fab ideas. You are the Queen of the Tree-Decorating Elves this year!

    • aunt peaches says

      Get it girl! Deco mesh and pinecones…a couple of tumbles of curly ribbons…BOOM. designer tree. Everyone will be blown away!

  8. leslie H. says

    LOVE IT!!! I have looked at all the other trees and while there are several great trees, your’s is the first to do something outside the box. I always use mess, but might try your style this year.

  9. ella says

    Wow! Beautiful! Which tree did you use?
    I didn’t read all the comments so I apologize if you already answered.

    • aunt peaches says

      The 7’is what they sent me -http://www.michaels.com/pre-lit-willow-pine-christmas-tree-clear-7ft/10151879.html#start=42. It’s on the slim side for a tree, but is a very respectable size. My ceilings are almost 12′ so I was thinking it would be too small….but between the tree and the trimmings on top, it’s a great size. I think it’s currently going for $124, which is a staggeringly good price for a pre lit tree of this quality.

  10. Allisa says

    How did you make that large thick ribbon curly like that? I imagine you can’t slide it on scissors how you do with normal curling ribbon. I just love that idea and must do it on my tree this year!!

    • aunt peaches says

      I use a glass spice jar, or an unplugged curling iron. I’ll go into detail a bit more in a post on November 15 — stay tuned!

  11. says

    I love it so shiny and Michaels is the best! I’m ready to bring out the tree!

  12. says

    Another reason my house is too small: I only have room for 2 trees!


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