Leaf Print Pillowcases


People say Memorial Day is the beginning of summer, but in my book the season doesn’t start until the feather duvet gets yanked off the bed and swap it for a beloved, lumpy, bumpy, oil-spill-quality-absorbant-cotton, chenille blanket. Always white. Always retro. Chenille blankets are wildly impractical 9 months a year, but when they are good they are great. Only problem is I don’t do plain white anything, which usually means that June is when I get a hankering to go pillowcase shopping, which means I have an absurd amount of pattern and color dense pillowcases. This year was different. This year I made my own!

I’m not even going to tell you how easy it was to make-over a couple of thrift store pillow cases.

Okay. That’s a lie. I am going to tell you. It involves stuff I cut out of the alley behind my neighbor’s house and a secret ingredient that will change the way you think about fabric paint. Want to know the down low? Get it!


  1. says

    I haven’t seen the website since you got the new banner! I love it so much!

  2. Athaclena says

    “Only probably is” – I guess you mean problem 🙂
    I need to find out where to buy all these supplies, I don’t think everything is as available in my corner of the world.
    Here it’s basically summer for at least 6 months a year, I’d probably be way too hot with any proper blanket… I use a cotton Piqué “blanket” instead.

  3. Laurinda says

    Ooo- chenille bedspreads! If I didn’t have so many animals sleeping with me, I’d have one too (sigh)

  4. Deb in Oklahoma says

    Those pillowcases are really pretty.

    Chenille bedspread + floral sheets + plisse pajamas + oscillating fan on at night = one of the best things about summer. That’s some good sleepin’!

  5. AnnW says

    Nice. You can also used this technique to cover up stains, etc.

      • aunt peaches says

        Should work great! And they might enjoy the process more than anyone. 🙂

  6. says

    I love these pillow cases, can go very well with a celestial theme bedroom as well!

  7. Angela says

    Is that a velvet painting of inigo Montoya??? Did you create that?!?! So awesome I may prepare to die!

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