31 August 2011

Tutu Celing Light

Wouldn't this be fun in a little girl's room? Or, AHEM, a not so little girl's room. Did I ever tell you about my ballerina snowglobe? It was so cool! Okay, not as cool as my Liberace snow globe, but, you know, who doesn't a love a ballerina? Especially since that Black Swan movie came out and they started looking all hungry and interesting, instead of skinny and stupid and perfect. I mean, even Angelina Ballerina (a cartoon mouse), is looking a little deranged after keeping company with Natalie Portman. I like unhinged people who wear lots of pink. They make me feel comfortable.

Wow that was random.

Back on track: I made this light before I had a blog (read: no tutorial) but it's easy to make using a white wire basket from the dollar store and a bunch of tulle. Same exact process as the plastic bag lamp, only girlier.

Warning: This thing is simple and cheap and loads of fabulous but it attracts dust like a mo-fo. Be prepared to vacuum!


  1. I was confused for a moment, because Tutu in Hawaiian means Grandma... Once I looked at the pictures I realized you meant the other kind of tutu!!! Hahahaha

  2. I love this idea, I guess I'd just be a little worried about a fire hazzard, not that it's ever stopped me yet! You must write a diy lamp book one of these days!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. omg i just found you on stumble upon I'm obsessed I just moved into my first apartment I want to make so much of your stuff!

  4. I wonder if I could just shove T’s birthday tutu (from her first bday) around a ceiling fixture? Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to leave it up there, but could be fun for a half hour or so! (P.S. - if I ever try it, I’ll be sure to send a picture!)

  5. Fantastic!!
    Only you could make this happen :]
    A tutu, very clever... indeed.

  6. so entertaining to read where your mind goes randomly. don't EVER stop!

  7. at first glance i saw " tuna can lamp". CHALLENGE!


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