08 September 2011

My Kitchen Window

This is my kitchen window. It makes me muchos muchos grande happy.

Sometimes I go to wash the dishes and fantasize that I'm in a Mexican restaurant where a portly woman in an elaborately embroidered dress serves me jalapeno poppers until I bust. Her name tag reads: Xiomara.

I'm waiting Xiomara!

A while back, I had a withered old papel picado banner (Mexican paper flags) laying around the house. I was going to throw them out, but they were way too cool to toss (and let's face it: I save everything).

So instead I decided to tear them into chunks and ‘paint’ them on to my kitchen window using a 50/50 mix of water and Mod Podge. The end result looks a little like stained glass. Wahoo!

Better yet, SeƱor Matador Barbie feels right at home.


  1. Geez, even your windows are cool?! Love it! Makes me want a burrito.

  2. Ooh, excellent way to create from something ragged and damaged! I love those papels but yikes, so fragile. Great idea!

  3. Love it!!
    This is such a fantastic idea, very clever and colorful.
    Beautiful, simply beautiful :]
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. This looks like a fantastic way to spruce up an inner-city window! There are so many variations that could be made on this....put this treatment on an old, weathered, glass door and use it as a room divider; put it on an old window and hang it against the wall with Christmas lights behind it; use it on mason jars with tea lights inside and so many more. Thanks for sharing a bit more of your beautiful home with us!

  5. Hey Paula! Yup --just scrape the glass with a metal edge spatula. If you layer the mod podge thick enough you might even be able to peel it away and preserve the pieces, but I'm a little too lazy for that one :)


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